Five Reasons Older Women are Better

Women, for some reason, seem to have a bit of a phobia about getting old. Maybe it is the idea of their looks fading, or a younger woman taking the man in their life away from them? These worries may not be justified, but that doesn’t stop them them being real all the same.

Still, at Escort Ireland we love our mature ladies. Like a fine wine, they get better with age. This is why we have put together a list of five reasons why older women are better, and in fact, should be happier in general. For any ladies out there who are feeling a bit down, we hope it helps you realise just how beautiful you are!


1) They Pick Better Relationships

When you hit a certain age, you will have had almost two decades of dating experience. You may even have had a failed marriage (or if you are really unlucky, two) by now you will have worked out what kind of person mixes with you well in a relationship.

With this now inate ability to work out peoples true characters quicker, you will be more likely to get an appropriate partner. This can lead to true happiness as you reach the late summer of your life.

2) Better Dress Sense

The more mature lady will know the difference between buying something that looks good, and something that actually suits them.

Most women, in their younger years, will have spent plenty of cash on items that looked good on the rack, yet ended up stuffed in the wardrobe, rarely being used, as the reality just didn’t work. The older the lady gets, the more she will be able to pick out item that make them look attractive and elegant.

Gone are those days of the fashion disasters. So when people see this elegant older woman, they are going to thing ‘wow’.


3) Fewer Friends, but Better Friends

At a younger age, many women prided themselves on having loads of friends, and a rocking social life. But with that came more bitchiness and arguments. Sad but true.

As the years move on though, those friends get whittled down and you are left with a smaller group of friends, but ones that you know would (or have) go through hell and back for you.

This leads to a much happier existence

4) You can Relax More

For most women (and men for that matter) Life in the younger years was far more hectic, and you barely had the time time to relax at all. Studies, partying, it all led to a madcap existence you wonder how you survived

Now not only do you relax more, you actually know HOW to relax. It may be reading a magazine, or taking a brisk walk. Either way you will know how to put your own mind at ease.

This is better for your health, and happiness in general.

5) You Stress Less

Ok, this is a funny one. You may have more real stresses, like the mortgage, or the children, but you do begin to care less about the smaller, more irrelevant things i8n life.

New year eve celebration

This does not mean that bad things won’t happen, as that is a natural part of life. But it does mean that your general anxiety level drops, making it easier to cope with what life throws as you.

Maybe these reasons are why we have so many popular mature Dublin escorts? Their reviews will certainly give you a real indication of the talents they have gained over the years!

A message to older women everywhere from everyone here at Escort Ireland. We salute you!

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