The Five Hottest Katy Perry Videos EVER!!!

Here at Escort Ireland, we have loads of fantastic articles offering anything from advice to punters, to fun news articles from around the world. However, aren’t there some times that all we we want to do is have a good perv?

Topless Katy Perry her breasts

This is why I have taken the site a little bit more lowbrow. Today, we are going to look at the five sexiest video that you will find of Katy Perry. The 31 year old California native has sent pulses racing ever since she released her first smash hit single ‘I Kissed a Girl’ in 2008. Her mixture of a fun personality and fantastic breasts have made her staple of many guys wank banks for almost a decade, and there seems no chance that that will be stopping any time in the near future.

The only bad thing about her seems to be her choice of men. Is it just me who thinks Russell Brand is a complete tit? Well, if he managed to mess things up with Katy Perry, then he is an even bigger wazzock than I imagined (do people still say wazzock anymore? If not, I am bringing it back)

Well here you go folks, we have five hot Katy Perry videos, with a few words about each. However, I suspect you won’t be making any effort to read them.

All I will say is I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed posting them!

1) Bouncy Katy

A wonderful side on view as she bounces up and down/rides on something/ who cares?? The only important thing is she bounces!

2) Bouncy Katy With Glasses

More of the same, but she is wearing glasses this time, and has a top with a face on it. That does give me an idea….

3) Squirting Katy

Katy squirts cream out of her chest. That is funny, because I want to squirt…I will leave that just there.

4) Windy Katy

Katy in a lovely black and white shot, with wind blowing in her face, and a big pair of breasts also!

5) Naked Katy

Katy lies on her front and lifts herself up, giving us a great view of her sideboob. Hubba hubba!!!!

Katy Perry – We salute you!

What more can I say? Thankyou Katy Perry for brightening up our day!!! The world is certainly a better place with you in it.

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