Why Seeing Escorts is Better Than Having an Affair

It is maybe the biggest question on the demand side of the escort industry. Why do so many men see companions behind their partner’s back, but don’t see women in the real world in an affair? Surely the old argument was that if you had to pay for it then you were some sort of loser? Well it seems that that argument is dead in the water.

People in love making love in bedroom.

In an economic sense, seeing an escort doesn’t really make that much sense. You are shelling out cash, irrespective of what the companion is charging, and for that you only get one visit. Surely it is a better idea to have sex with someone you know instead? Well, there are in fact many reasons why escorts are far better.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of them.

1) Is it Cheating?

Firstly, there is the idea that you aren’t cheating. With an escort it is just sex and no emotion will get involved. This is markedly different to a person in the real world where lines could get crossed. Whether that argument holds water with everyone is another thing, but it is the main argument used as to why escorts isn’t cheating.


2) It is Easy

On a purely practical level, you don’t need to make any effort when it comes to meeting an escort. You pick up the phone, call, make an appointment, and then meet. It is that simple. However, when it comes to people in the real world, you need to flirt, risk rejection, and actually look like you care about them. In the end, for many that becomes nothing more than a big pain in the ass.

Seeing an escort lets you cut straight to the chase.


3) You are Unlikely To Get Caught

There is also the idea of getting caught. The whole idea of escorts is that they don’t want to get involved in your personal life. They want nothing more to do with you (in a nice way) when you leave the building. This contrasts sharply with some women who though they seem normal when you meet them, then go on to tell your partner as they either feel used, or want to force you to leave that person at home. This is this is the exact opposite to what would happen with an escort.

Now you obviously need to do things to make sure your double life is not exposed in other ways. These include using incognito on devices, and having a separate ‘punting’ phone. Still, these things remain in your control, and not that of someone else.


4) More Chance of Sexual Compatibility

There is also the issue with sexual compatibility. Once you get a real world partner in the bedroom you never know what they will like. Say you wanted to do something naughty like anal or cumming on their boobs, there is a chance they will tell you, as is their right, to piss off. However, with companions you can look through their profile and see what they do. This gives you chance to pick out what you can get up to, making the experience as satisfying as possible.


These are just four reasons why seeing an escort is better than having an affair. I am sure those reading this have their own ideas. Why don’t you let us know about them in the comments section below?

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