This Christmas, Escort Ireland Donates €1872 to fight against homelessness

Every year, the Escort Ireland directory celebrates the festive season with greetings and special activities on the site. This year, E-I has decided to celebrate in a different way, by giving to a charitable cause chosen by their users.

Escort Ireland says thankyou

Escort Ireland encourages their users to produce content that helps improve safety for everyone within the industry. The fundraising event rewarded our chosen charity with €3 for each piece of review content that was produced during the given period.

The event was carried out for two weeks, which started on December 2nd and ended on December 15th. At the end of those two weeks, the directory has managed to raise an amazing €1872, and decided to give the donation to a fully independent volunteer run charity based in Dublin, working locally to fight homelessness.

It was very important to the E-I team to give something back. The decision to contribute to the homelessness cause has been based on the suggestions by the very users that are active on the Escort Ireland platform. Escort Ireland also encouraged the community to contribute directly to the charity’s initiative by donating on their webpage. Many users have told us they have also made additional donations.

Escort Ireland wants to say a big, gigantic thank you to everyone that has participated in the event. The directory wouldn’t have been able to accomplish so much if it wasn’t for the people that are a part of the community on the site, and in Ireland!

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