Have You Heard About the Sneezing Fetish?

I had the flu for the Christmas party this year and it completely sucked. I was snotty, sneezing, and when I looked in the mirror, I was reminiscent of something from ‘The Walking Dead’. Needless to say, I got off home pretty sharpish after the free food. However, what I failed to realise is that I could have made some money out of my misfortune, as it seems there are people all over the world who have a sneezing fetish. Yes, you did just hear me right!

Young natural model having a cold on white background

In much the same way that people have toe, and other kinds of fetishes, it appears that there are folks out there who just get off on themselves, or others, sneezing. There is even a forum for it, entitled the sneezing fetish forum. (well, it certainly does what it says on the tin)

The Sneezing Fetish Forum

The forum users view it as a sexual preference, with one fella stating “I realised that I had ‘something’ for sneezes when I was around eight years old.

“I would search for people sneezing on the computer almost constantly. When I would get home I would instantly go on the computer and look at stuff about sneezing for hours.

“Back then I had no idea why I was feeling so ‘weird’ but when I was 11 I figured out what a fetish was and I accepted that I had one.”

Where is does get strange is when people admit that they try to get ill in order to start sneezing.

“I know this is weird,” another user admitted, “but I just like being sick and my immune system is ridiculously strong.

“Maybe I just need some exposure to the cold weather to put me over the edge. So tonight I’m soaking my feet in cold water and going for a run outside.”

They even get involved in discussions about what kind of sneezes they like.

In a discussion called “Preferred Number of Sneezes”, members decided that two sneezes in the perfect number.

However, when it comes to other people sneezing, it seems that folks want to go much higher, with five sneezes being voted top of the pops.

The question is, what is so good about sneezing? For many, it is the sense of relief after it has happened. In much the same way you feel relaxed after an orgasm, a sneeze have the same kind of effect. True, it isn’t the same, or anywhere near as strong as a genital orgasm, but I can kind of see where they are coming from.

Each To Their Own

This may all sound a bit weird, but one thing I have noticed since I came and worked here is that everyone is different. This means, anyone can find something sexually exciting. What is bonkers to you, could be sexually exciting to someone else. It is just a matter of preference.

So, next time I get the flu, instead of moaning that my Christmas party has been ‘fucking ruined’, I will go online and make a tonne of cash from people. However, I can never imagine myself wanting to fee as bad as I did earlier this month.

It take all sorts, as they say.

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