The Halloween Photo Contest is finally over… and we’ve got our winners! 🎉

Curious to know who won our Halloween Photo Contest?

Well it’s been a long and scary battle between our wonderful spooky models… With a total of 9 sexy participants, our voters were spoiled for choice! Each of the models had the perfect Halloween spicy fit, but only 3 of them managed to win the incredible prizes we had reserved for them… Let’s see who they are then!

1st place: ANGY MEXICO 🥇

With a crazy mix of three incredible costumes, it’s easy to understand why Angy Mexico is the winner of this competition! A trio of super hot Halloween photos made her the undisputed favorite model of this contest… Congratulations Angy!

2nd place: MICHELLE 🥈

What else to say to this beauty in red? Sensual, erotic & perfectly themed… A well-deserved second place for our wonderful Michelle!

3rd place: CURVY NINA 🥉

The sacred and the profane mix up here to make a super hot Halloween photo by our marvelous Curvy Nina… Third place spot on the podium for her!


Well done to ALL of you that took part in this beautiful photo contest, both as a model or as a voter! 💋

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