Christmas v Escorting!

So, it’s January 2015, and after all the festivities and time off, the North and South of Ireland is now fully back to the daily grind.


That got me wondering just what people may have got up to, other than the normal Christmas festivities, during our little winter break?

That is why I decided to have a look in to some numbers, to see if punters took a break from visiting our site, and instead visited the lovely boys and girls on our site.

Daily Visitors in our top 4 Cities

We looked at the number of hits we had from Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Galway on the 25th, 26th and 27th of December, to see just how many people took time off from visiting us, and also to see which cities just kept coming back, even on Christmas Day.

The City that dropped the most (against its average daily numbers) was Dublin.

40% of our regulars decided to focus on all things festive for the day. Cork was the place that should have had the motto “Business as usual”, with only 30% of our regular visitors taking the day off 70% came to us for their Christmas cheer.

But when does “Christmas” End?

Based on what we found above, we wondered how long it would take for each city to bounce back to business as usual, and for normal service and visitors numbers to be restored.

We found that the city to “get over” Christmas first was Belfast, where By Boxing Day the number of visitors was back to normal. However, the other three cities followed suit on the 27th of December.


We love the fact that you couldn’t last more than a day without us.

Christmas Day – “I’m just popping out for an hour”

Another VERY interesting fact about Christmas day was at what TIME people were on the website.

On a normal day for us, the traffic as the day begins is high, then it comes down slowly until around 7am, before starting a steady climb back up. We peak at the time most people knock off work, staying pretty busy until midnight.

However, on Christmas Day this changed.

The start was like any other day, and after breakfast we started to have our daily climb, albeit not as steep as most “normal days”.

However, at lunch time (between 11am and 3pm) our normal upwards curve didn’t happen. In fact, less people actually visited the site than normal between these times.

Then around 5pm a we had a VERY steep curve started going all the way up to midnight.

So, what we believe happened was that our visitors started the day as they usually do, on our website, before taking a break for Christmas Dinner. Once the festivities had ended, as well as being surrounded by family and friends, there was a huge rush to get back to normal and get on the website.

So, there we have it – proof that the only thing that comes between a punter and the wonders of Escort-Ireland is a turkey dinner! On that basis can you imagine if you got a Christmas Dinner cooked by your favourite escort, that would be some present.

Happy New Year to you all, and don’t forget that something BIG is happening here soon.

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