Can You Emotionally Cheat?

Can you emotionally cheat? It is a question that has been at the centre of relationships for years. Can you actually cheat on your partner without doing anything physical?

Well, in the modern era, we are finding more and more women who, not only do they think you can emotionally cheat, but in fact it is worse than a one night stand.

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Let us get down to what emotionally cheating apparently is. It is any unsuitable contact with a girl you fancy. This can be a case of spending your lunch hour together, messaging each other on Facebook permanantly or texting someone on a regular basis. If you believe that your girlfriend wouldn’t like it if she knew what you were doing, then mark my words, you are emotionally cheating.

A Digital Age

In the days of social media, it is much easier to emotionally cheat. Back in the day you would have to make the effort to see someone for a sordid encounter. Now you just need to turn on the computer and the world is your oyster.

These days, sex is just seen as one piece of the jigsaw. Everything is working up to the moment you have sex, all the groundwork is being laid. There comes a point where you should think to yourself ‘ooh, this isn’t very good’. Still, the amount of people who, after all this emotional cheating, pretend they are shocked when they end up in bed with another girl is astounding.

If you get caught cheating, a great way to annoy the living shit out of your girlfriend is to come out with the any of the following three excuses. You may believe them, but don’t say them; it is a recipe for disaster.


Three Terrible Excuses

1) ‘It was Just Flirting’

Flirting is very normal, we all do it, even if it is somewhat inadvertent. Any conversation you would be perfectly comfortable with your girlfriend seeing is OK. Anything you would panic about isn’t. So if you are in the latter group, don’t say ‘it was just flirting’. You sound like an ass and a liar.

2) ‘She’s just a Friend’

We all know there are friends and ‘friends’. A lot of time you will have a genuine close female companion who you can talk to about a lot of things. They are a friend If you fancy that person, they are a ‘friend’. With a ‘friend’ you will usually end talking about inappropriate things, including how your girlfriend ‘doesn’t understand’ you, or how ‘close you both are’

Your girlfriend will usually be able to tell the difference, so steer clear of using this one if you know you are in the wrong.

3) ‘I Never Did Anything Physical’

Always a bad one to come out with. Let’s face it, women are emotional creatures. Most will find the fact that you are being luvvy duvvy with someone else a lot worse than if you get bladdered and go and have a one night stand.


An Honest Approach

If you get caught emotionally cheating, the best things to do is come clean. Look at why you are doing it and either work on it, or end the relationship. Even if you haven’t been caught, call time on your emotional affair before it gets you into trouble

We all make mistakes, and many partners will let you come back from yours. Good luck, you may need it!!

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