The Death of the ‘Gentleman’

I have to say, I was always brought up to be chivalrous. My Mum taught me to open up a door for a lady, give them a seat when on the train or bus, and if she was carrying a heavy item, offer to carry it for her. They were the actions of a ‘gentleman’.

According to a recent poll however, I seem to be part of a dying breed. It has been revealed that women are 12% more likely to say hello to a complete stranger, 10% more likely to pass on their used travelcard and 7% more likely to hold a door open for you.

Why Aren’t we Gentleman?

The question is, why? One theory, and one I subscribe to, is that guys a truly nervous of offending anyone.

Office workers shaking hands at door of boardroom

Our overly PC society says that women, rightfully, are the equal of men. Therefore any action which implies they are weaker is deeply offensive. Why do you need to open that door, can’t they do it themselves? Why do they need that seat? Can’t they carry that package on their?

Guys really don’t want to be called a sexist pig so they refrain from any activity that puts them in a position where some militant feminist can accuse them of being such.

Also, guys are very worried that a ‘chivalrous’ action can be taken badly for another reason. What if some woman thinks that he is after something, just because he has performed an act of kindness? Does he want his name going round the office as a dirtbag? Of course not.

A Powerful Voice Against Chivalry

You think I am going over the top? Well just remember what Equalities Minister Jo Swinson said last year. She said it would have been sexist for her male colleagues in Parliament to offer her a seat while she was heavily pregnant, because they thought she ‘needed’ it. This is the person who is in charge of equality in the country and she is openly saying that chivalry is sexist.

Moving Boxes

The problem with this is that normal acts of kindness are now being shied away from. The reason guys do nice things is usually, wait for it, because they want to be nice, not because of sexism or because they are trying it on.

In today’s cold world, sometimes an act of kindness can bring some light into someones life. No PC, militant feminist will stop me acting a gentleman to any lady.

And neither should it stop any of you lads out there!

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One thought on “The Death of the ‘Gentleman’”

  1. All joking aside I too was brought up to open doors and be courteous to women.. most over 40 still appreciate it. The younger generation look at you with as if you had 10 heads or you get a remark along the lines of “geez am i disabled or something??”

    Any act of kindness towards a woman from a man is yes, unfortunately seen as some sort of ploy by the man to get her into bed. Ladies (particularly the younger generation) get over yourselves. Good manners never hurt anyone. It won’t hurt to say “thank you” the next time a door is opened for you or someone allows you in front of them in the queue.

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