Blonde Bombshell Offers Her Virginity Online!

In one of the strangest stories I have read in a while, a 27-year-old medical student has become the subject of internet notoriety by auctioning her virginity.

Elizabeth Raine (a false name) claims to be a medical student at one of the top universities in the whole of America. And by the look of her, she certainly knows how to get pulses racing!

A Blonde Bombshell

On her website, Raine says she’s 5 feet 10 inches, 130 pounds, with measurements of 34A-26-36. Her photo shows a head of blonde hair, but has a gold banner covering part of her face, so to protect her anonymity.

Raine is expecting to get $400, 000 for her virginity; a tidy sum for anyone. Elizabeth however claims she doesn’t need the cash, saying

“Money is my motivation, but by no means do I need the money. I’m pretty safe and secure financially,”

She is using an Australian agent, so to avoid breaking any laws in the United States.

The auction commences, strangely enough, on April Fools’ Day. Siobhanne Sweeney, Raine’s Australian-based publicist, insists this is merely a coincidence.

“The date was picked based on the fact it is the first day of the month and we didn’t even think about April Fools’ as it is not something big here in Australia. It was also based around Liz’s med school exams and to make sure we had gained enough interest for it to be a successful auction.”

Although we have no idea when the auction will end, Raine promises the winning bidder a “sensual 12-hour date” that will transform her “from virgin to literal whore.”

Is This Serious?

OK, I have to admit it, this smells of bullshit, but it does get me wondering if it is real or not?

As for $400,000 for the ‘honour’ of taking this girls virginity, do me a favour. How many beautiful escorts in Dublin could I take out to dinner or anything else we wished to do for that cash? I don’t know, but I think the answer is ‘a lot’.

I have no idea if this is true or not, but if it is, and someone pays $400,000 to have sex with her, it goes to prove one thing.

Some guys really do seem to have more money than sense!

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