Are Schoolgirl Fantasies Paedophilic?

There is no fantasy more prolific than that of the naughty schoolgirl. It’s the single outfit in every stripper or escort’s closet, and the fodder for sexy Halloween costumes everywhere Halloween is celebrated. It’s rampant on all Internet porn sites and even physical media like magazines. It’s so practically commonplace it would be hard to classify it along with some other fetishes that are out there.

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Catholic Doctrine

In order to study the schoolgirl fantasy, we can begin by observing, from the sidelines, a several-centuries old religious movement widely known as Catholicism.

The classic “schoolgirl uniform” is a very clear symbol of youthful days spent being schooled by nuns, and often segregated from the opposite gender. Twelve or more years of schooling in this manner, with very little contact between the genders, meant that every time the two genders met, it felt a little forbidden.

As these children being schooled in the Catholic Church begin to come of age and come into pre-puberty and puberty, this forbidden encounter becomes more and more sexualized. It’s only natural.

Additionally, many young girls who attend Catholic school are by and large from middle class, blue-collar families who may not have been financially able to keep up with correct sizing, or may have had to use an older sibling’s uniform which was not properly fitted. So here you have awkward teenage girls whose skirt is a little too short and blouse maybe a little too tight – and for the boys who rarely got to see the other gender, the whole experience is entirely titillating, dare I say over stimulating when you factor in all the hormones raging in any school with these aged children.

A Love of Uniform

Now not all schoolgirl fantasies are evoked by the Catholic religion, it shows up in many non-Catholic dominated cultures as well. The reason for this is the concept of the uniform.

Just like the cheerleader or the nurse, uniforms are sexy because they harness the individual and in some fashion depersonalize the individual. And this is where it ultimately gets a little iffy. These uniforms are always tight fitted showing off repressed sexuality just waiting to burst out of the zipper or button.

A sexy young female standing at a chalkboard.

This becomes a little troubling when you consider the schoolgirl fetish – and that any actual-aged girl in a school uniform is 99.9% likely to be under the age of 18 if she’s wearing it in real life. But, if you ask adult men if they like the “naughty school girl” outfit he says yes, and if you ask him if he’s a paedophile, he says no. How can this dichotomy exist?

There have been a few studies done in this area, and the consensus is that the schoolgirl fetish is decidedly outside the circle of child molestation. We can see this simply because not everyone who admires the schoolgirl fantasy is a child molester – it’s plainly in the survey results. A man with a school girl fantasy is not a monster, though it is very possible that person diagnosed with paedophilia could have a school girl fantasy in addition to his sexual feelings about children.

Repressed, or Unattainable Desires as a Kid

The other thing to consider here is the sexual repression that is rampant within Catholicism and many other cultures around the world that end up exhibiting a fascination with the schoolgirl fantasy within their populations.

Those who experienced repressed sexual tension surrounded by women in these outfits are sure to spend the rest of their days wondering what could have been; and right there is where the fantasy is born. Paedophilic tendencies come from a very different place such as mental illness or sexual trauma.

In Closing

Over all, the schoolgirl fantasy is not a huge red flag highlighting sexual attraction to pre-pubescent girls, rather an attraction to the lie of innocence that is propagated by sexual repression in a particular culture.


The fantasy is the release against that repression and the freedom to express and enjoy your sexuality, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact I’d label it entirely healthy – assuming you don’t ALSO have a penchant for underage sexual partners.

So if you like a schoolgirl fantasy with a Galway escort, don’t worry! Enjoy yourself!

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