Why Do Some Women Become Escorts?

Have you ever wondered how a girl gets into the escort business? Why does a working girl select this line of work? Let’s explore some common reasons:

Financial Reasons

The most common reason for jumping into the escort business is tied to a woman’s finances. Many women find themselves in dire straights after a break up, or even unable to find regular work after finishing their time at university. Escorting can be a great way of making good cash.

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A woman doesn’t even need to be in financial difficulty to start escorting. She may well look at the money on offer and see it as easier, and far more profitable than working in a bar or an office for 40 hours a week.

A History of Working in The Adult Industry

Some of them have spent some time dancing and/or stripping and end up becoming slowly more comfortable at exchanging sexy things for money. So when it comes down to actual sex acts in exchange for money, the stigma is pretty much gone.

Still other ladies are introduced to the world of escorting through the Internet by doing sexy webcam shows. Again over time the stigma for the oldest profession melts away over time.

An Intense Desire

Another reason why ladies will choose this career is because it plays to their ego. They have a very positive self-image and great contentedness with their appearance. It makes them feel desirable and sexy to have men clamouring for their attentions and paying good money for it.

I for one fantasized as a teenager about dressing provocatively and having men turned on by looking at my body and me. To this day one of the biggest turn ons for me is watching him get turned on while his eyes are drinking in the softness and glow of my skin.

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Mind Games

Another reason why some women become escorts is because they enjoy the mind game of getting a man to love and trust them. It’s common knowledge that women love a good round of mind games, and what better opponent than a quiet middle aged overweight man who just wants to revel in the affections of a woman?

Some say women are the most natural sales people, and I think this yearning to win trust in a sexually charged situation is enough to cause women to get involved.

Feeling Sexy

Some ladies like to take getting dressed up sexy to the extreme, and really enjoy the ritual of preparing for the sessions. This is very aligned with a woman’s natural and sociological need for beauty rituals. You know what I’m talking about, all the lotions and potions and loofahs and such? Some women obsess and enjoy these rituals more than others.

While I doubt someone would become an escort JUST to go through the preparation rituals, for some women they savor and appreciate the opportunity there.

An Adventurous Spirit

There are also some women who just have an unending thirst for adventure, which causes them to be more lax about what others might term “risky behavior”. There’s a certain thrill for living on the edge, and that can include escort work for some.

We also have our standard garden-variety S&M escort type, who clearly enjoys their job as much as the recipient. Again touching on the ritual and the costume are highly enjoyable to these professionals, but they also really revel in the controlling or submissive parts of these types of sessions.

One could delve pretty deeply into the psychology of escorts in this category, but the bottom line here is it suits their personalities and passions – much like any other career choice.

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Like You And Me

In closing I think it’s important to note that escorts are in a business just like anyone else, and they’re just people like you and me.

Understanding the reason why someone decided to be a professional escort is much less important than respecting them as people, and being professional and safe.

Escorts take as much pride in their work as you take in yours, so remember to treat them well.

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