Are Schoolgirl Fantasies Dodgy?

One of the biggest controversies we ever have on Escort Ireland is that of the schoolgirl fantasy. This is where women of legal age will dress up as schoolgirls and have sex with their partner. Because of the age of real school kids, it has led many to thing of the act as being quasi-paedophilic. Well today we are going to take a look at both arguments.

Sexy schoolgirl on bed

The Case Against

Let’s start with the negative. Let’s face it. If you hang around schools speaking to schoolgirls you are likely to get into a lot of trouble. The vast majority are underage, and if you are after people like that, you deserve a beating. So by getting someone to dress up as a kid, are you fantasising about a child? It really is a problematic one.

There is also the idea that the schoolgirl fantasy acts as a stepping stone on the way to trying it on with a kid on their way home from school. It is the old ‘gateway’s drug argument. Although, as with drugs, the premise is contested massively, those who believe the theory believe it wholeheartedly.

The Case in Favour

The main argument in favour of the schoolgirl fantasy will rightfully point out that it is role-play. You are just having a fantasy, and no-one is being harmed. Sometimes role-play delves into areas that are not the kind of actions we would do in the real world. Look at the sexy nurse one. Are you really going to touch up a nurse in hospital and have sex on the bed? No, and if you do try, you are likely to be on a charge. There is a massive difference between reality and fantasy.

Then there is the fact that not all schoolgirls are 12. Many schoolgirls are 16, so this role-play is, for many, a trip back to when the participants were young and just beginning to explore their sexuality. That is why they wear the schoolgirl outfit, not because they want to bop a 12 year old, or be bopped as a 12 year old.

MY Verdict

But what is the answer to this? Well as we see, a lot is about the motivations of those involved. I am a talented man, but I lack the ability to look into someone’s soul. Of course there is a huge difference between fantasising about a 12 year old, and instead doing it about a pretend 16 year old. As we know, many girls that age look older, are sexually active, and go to nightclubs.

Personally it is that line which makes something acceptable or unacceptable. Those who have watched ‘Kill Bill’, don’t tell me you didn’t fancy ‘Gogo’. Yes she was meant to be young, wore a schoolgirls outfit, but was a cold blooded killer also. There was never any hint she was underage. At the risk of sounding glib, she is hardly ‘Tracy Beaker’ (a UK school child TV character, apologies if it that hasn’t made it to Ireland)

If someone is in a relationship they will know if the other person has this fantasy wrong. And any escort will be able to dictate what kind of schoolgirl they play as. Now if a punter says they want you to play an eight year old that is another matter, and the door is that way.

But maybe I have it wrong? I want other opinions. Do you think the schoolgirl fantasy is dodgy or not? Is there something I have missed out? Seriously, let me know in the comments box below.

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