Are Mature Escorts Better in Bed?

It has to be said, on our site, the popularity of the mature escorts is something to behold. These lovely ladies are some of the best performing escorts out there. That does leave the question, are more mature women better in bed? Is this the reason that they are doing well? Do we really get better with age?

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The Benefits of Age

There are certainly factors that mean you get better in bed as you get older. When we were young, lets face it, most of us didn’t know what we were doing. As a guy I was just amazed I was getting sex and felt I may never get it again. There wasn’t much thought going into what I was doing. Yes I would try things out, but I imagine it wasn’t amazing for the woman, who thankfully would have had such little experience at that age that she knew no better. That is from the perspective of a guy, but I imagine it rings true to many women out there also.

But as we all got older though we got better. We got good at oral sex and we all learned how to do certain positions better. We can adjust our strokes and get the person groaning with pleasure instead of treating sex as a rush to orgasm.

It is also clear that as we get older we become more confident. When you are young there is a sense of panic that we will be crap in bed, and that nervousness makes you not perform as well. But by the time you hit your more mature years then you are pretty comfortable you know what you are doing. That in itself makes you a better lover. It is all about being comfortable in your own skin.

In 2016, one of the most popular porn searches was ‘MILF‘ (mother I’d like to fuck) and I imagine by the end of this year that will be no different. There are many reasons people think MILF porn hits the mark, and near the top of that list is the fuller figure the women have. Bigger boobs, rounder bottoms, you know the look I am talking about. If men love that look in porn, why wouldn’t they like it in the real world? This will give them a wonderful experience.

Less is More

One reason mature people can be better in bed which doesn’t always spring to mind is that they know the benefit of doing it less. When you are young you never know when you are getting it next so you do it as often as you can. As you get older, you are more relaxed about it so you actually learn that less can be more. To put it even more bluntly, if you hold off having sex, when it does happen it will be far better. This is something you only understand with age, but it really is something that they can pass on to their younger lovers, if the said younger lovers have the patience to listen.

So yes, for the most part, mature women are better in bed. Actually older people in general are superior in the sack. Even if younger escorts are more your scene, meeting a mature escort, even just for variety, is a decision you won’t regret.

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