A Beginner’s Guide To Edging

The sex world is permanently evolving. Over the last couple of years we have seen the growing popularity of ‘edging’, otherwise known as orgasm control. This is where you, or your partner prevent you having an orgasm, always drawing you back from the brink.

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It has become a massive thing in porn, with stars like Britney Amber giving edging handjobs and blowjobs to people like Mark Rockwell. The idea is that at the end, you get a huge orgasm.

Practice Makes Perfect

Still, it is something that takes a lot of practice. The desire to have an orgasm is strong, so many people who try this out end up not being able to cope and just carrying on to their orgasm.

This is why it is maybe a good idea to start practising by yourself, even if you want your partner to try it out with you at some point. You need to be able to learn what your ‘point of no return’ is. This is the point where you can’t resist having an orgasm. The idea of edging is to scrape that point but never to reach it. You will only learn to do that by doing it over and over again.

Letstalksex.net did a fantastic guide on how to edge yourself through masturbation, and came up with this step by step list.

1) Stimulate yourself until you get an erection. While you do, be attentive and feel every sensation in your body (especially in your pelvic floor).

2) Using some silicone based lubricant, stroke your penis starting from the base and slowly moving towards the top (avoiding the fraenulum and the glans at the beginning).

3) When you feel you’re getting close to your PONR, start moving down the shaft again and completely stop when you reach your PONR (or when you’re about to reach it).

4) While you wait for your arousal to subside, feel every sensation in your body and take slow deep breaths. Be a man, face your sensations, feel them fully – don’t run away from them.

5) When the sensation of imminent ejaculation has disappeared, restart the process again.

6) After 20 minutes of Edging, stop, put your pants on and do something else.

Now number six can be changed to having an orgasm if you feel you have done enough training for the day. Still, the idea that in your training you deprive yourself completely is that you learn to not ‘need’ the orgasm. Still, this is a matter of personal choice.

Moving to Another Level

Once you learn, you can move onto the next level with your partner. Get her to talk dirty to you. She can say things like ‘you had better not cum yet’. It gives her a real sense of power, and puts the man in the submissive position. That gives this wonderful practice a naughty extra edge (pardon the terrible pun).

Edging is a lot of fun, but it takes a while for you to have it mastered. So, what better time to start leaning than the present?

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