Study says Men Prefer Girls With Curved Spines!

We all know that there are certain characteristics that attract men to women. For example, there are are large breasts, long legs and a thin waist. Now that isn’t to say that the opposite isn’t true, but these are traditional things through history. However, it seems another one can now be added to that list.

Body of sexy woman in red lingerie

Scientists have discovered that women with a curved spine are more attractive to the male of the species. Men are particularly attracted to women that have a spine that curves 45% above the top off their bottom.

A Throwback

Apparently this goes back to hunter-gatherer days, when these kinds of women would have a natural advantage when it comes to childbearing.

Without this curve, the pressure on the woman’s hips would have increased by 800%, leaving them unable to go out gathering food, or to escape danger.

If this is the case, it probably explains the global phenomena that are Kim Kardashian and J-Lo.

Well, the question I had was, is this just because she looks like she has a bigger bottom. Well, the survey says not.

“It’s an independent and previously undiscovered standard of attractiveness,” said study author David Lewis of Bilkent University in Turkey.

“(The curve) would have enabled ancestral women to shift their centre of mass back over their hips during pregnancy, a time during which there is a dramatic forward shift of their centre of mass.

“This benefit is critical: without being able to do this, women would experience a dramatic increase in hip torque (pressure) subjecting them to risk of muscular fatigue and injury.

“Consequently, ancestral women who possessed this degree of lumbar curvature (spine curve) would have been able to forage longer into pregnancy and would have been able to carry out multiple pregnancies with a reduced risk of spinal injury.

“These benefits to women, in turn, would have created the background selective conditions for the evolution of a male preference for this angle: men who preferred such women would have had mates who were less vulnerable to spinal injuries, who would have more successfully foraged during pregnancy, and who would have been able to carry out multiple pregnancies without suffering debilitating injuries.”

The survey showed 300 men silhouette images of women with different spine curvature, and asked them to rate them. These guys were significantly more attracted to those women with a spine curve of 45.5 degrees.

According to Professor Lewis “Men who think they are into big bottoms, may be more into spines”

He added: “Men may be directing their attention to the butt and obtaining information about women’s spines, even if they are unaware that that is what their minds are doing.”

Is This Actually True?

I find anything like this really interesting. Is our attraction to the opposite sex dictated by ingrained things in our minds, going back thousands of years, or are we more manipulated by external factors, such as TV and media? I have read somewhere that women like large men because it showed wealth and prosperity. Well if that is the case, why do most ‘Chubby Checker’s’ I see have trouble getting a girlfriend?

Feel free to write in and call me ignorant, but I sometimes think that these studies are done by people who actually have a pre-conceived idea about A) what they are going to see, and B) why they are going to see it. These ‘theories’ could just be a load of rubbish, yet are treated as fact because someone with a PHD stated it.

Hey, whatever the reasons, I think we can all agree that Kim Kardashian is hot as hell. I would love to know what these scientists think the reason she is going out with that idiot Kanye West is? In my educated opinion, it is because he is rich.

Can I have a research grant and my ‘study’ published please?

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