Some Drugs Legal In Ireland (Until Thursday)!

Huge news! A recently exposed legal loophole means that some drugs are legal in Ireland, and will be continue to be up until Thursday! The best part? This was all just an “accident”.
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Legal highs

This happy accident has come about after the Republic of Ireland’s court of appeal looked into the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1977. The act, which allowed the control of certain substances, was ruled “unconstitutional”.

The reason for this ruling was that the Act had been amended and added to by ministerial order, without the consultation of the Oireachtas. This violates article 15 of the constitution, and so made the entire act unconstitutional and void.

In other words, all previous government orders banning these particular substances were void. Not only that, but it is no longer against the law to possess them as they are entirely legal.

What drugs are affected?

Before you all go rushing off to fill your pockets with any drug you can get your hands on, hold your horses. This doesn’t relate to all drugs.

In fact, cannabis, cocaine and heroin are unaffected as they are part of a different section of the law.

However, ecstasy, crystal meth, ketamine and mushrooms are now legal in Ireland, and will be until Thursday.

What happens next?

As you can imagine, they aren’t going to simply sit back and let these drugs be legal. Nope. Tonight, between 8:30 and 11:30 pm, the Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill is set to go before the Dáil.

The bill will then appear before the Seanad tomorrow before Michael D Higgins approves it, meaning that the drugs will yet again be made illegal.

The TDs, it has recently come out, were aware that this legalisation of certain drugs might happen as a result of the bill amendments, but wanted to keep it quiet until they passed this emergency ruling to make them illegal again.

How often do things stay quiet for? Not very long, as it turns out!

Delayed until Thursday

This delay in the ruling means that they have created an “accidental” loophole, and as the law could take time to come into effect, for today and possibly tomorrow the drugs will stay legal.

What does it mean for everyone? Well, from Thursday it will be as though nothing happened… but for tonight and tomorrow you will not legally be in trouble for possessing any of those previously controlled substances.

So, just how big of a cock-up is this? Will everyone suddenly be popping out to find a drug dealer as a result of this? Let us know what you think on the Escort Ireland forums.

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