Should You Lose Your Virginity To an Escort?

Having sex for the first time is a very nervous time. It is something every man wants to do, but when he gets there, panic can set in. As a comedian once said, it is harder for men than it is women. Men have to be good, whilst women just have to be there. A simplification maybe, but I can definitely see the point.

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For many of us, getting that first sexual experience can be tougher than it is for others. True some will have girlfriends from the age of 13 who they naturally fall into having sex with, but for most of us it is a big thing we want to get done and dusted. The question arises then, should you consider losing your virginity to an escort? Well, there are certainly a number of reasons it could be a good idea

Things in Favour

Well, here they are.

1) It Takes Away The Desperation

Many of us have been here. We are so desperate to lose our virginity that we go on nights out looking to pull, but end up looking, well, like virgins who have never had sex. This is an incredibly bad look when around women. To put simply, the more you want it, the less likely you will be to get it.

However, once you have had sex once, you can feel more relaxed, which will actually make you more likely to pull on a future night out.

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2) It is Good Practice

Let’s face it; the first time you have sex you don’t know what you are doing. You look clumsy and the whole thing can be embarrassing. On top of that you have the stress of not ejaculating too quickly. I will go as far as saying that the first time you have sex isn’t really fun.

However. When you have sex with an escort, they will be able to tell you what you are doing right and wrong, so the next time you end up with a woman in the real world, you will feel more comfortable, and will have at least some of the basics sorted. You can then start your sexual journey for real.

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3) You are Guaranteed Action

If you want to lose your virginity, then why not just get it done? Instead of worrying about it, or going on loads of dates in a valiant attempt to get the lady to have sex, why not just head straight for an escort? It just cuts out all the rubbish associated with this time of your life.

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Things Against

There are however arguments against losing your virginity to an escort which really need to be taken into account before you make the decision to do it.

1) The First Time Won’t Be Special

You can’t have sex for the first time twice. Once it is done it is done. So, if you worry that you will look back at this time of your life and be sad you never saved yourself for the ‘right’ person, don’t do it. We can never see the future of course, but if you consider this a real risk, don’t take it.

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2) You May Get Confused

You shouldn’t get confused, but it is known to happen. It is always a danger for those who are first having sex that they may get the line between sex and love mixed up. In reality, no matter how much fun the encounter was, the escort will never want to see you on a personal basis. This is purely a business transaction. If you are the type of person who gets emotionally attached too quickly, then you need to work on your own emotional maturity before throwing yourself into the proverbial lion’s den.

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I am not here to give an answer as to whether it is a good idea for someone to lose their virginity to an escort. For some it will be a great idea, whilst for others it may be something they regret. This piece is purely designed to help those who may be considering doing it with a few of the things they need to think about. After that, as ever, it is purely up to the individual.

We wish you luck in making the right decision.

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