Security Guard Caught Jerking Off at NFL Game (Video)

Well, we have a a candidate for the most messed up story of the year right here! A security guard at the San Diego Chargers American football ground has been fired after he was videoed masturbating under his pants, just feet away from the team’s cheerleaders.

Security guard jerking off

The video showed up on Facebook on Monday, and seems to have been recorded by a rather observant fan. It was taken the day that the Chargers played the Raiders in San Diego. The clip shows a guy in a red jacket, repeatedly jerking his hand while in the pocket of his pants. It is absolutely mindblowing.

TMZ have done some research, and it does seem that he was San Diego security. The red jacket matches up with other guards from Elite Security, who work at Qualcomm Stadium.

The team hasn’t identified the guy in the video, but issued a statement saying … “We are aware of the disturbing actions of an Elite security staff member at Sunday‚Äôs game. We apologize to any fans who may have witnessed the incident.”


Well, we all find NFL cheerleaders attractive, but this is completely fucked up. I feel guilty laughing, as this seems a serious sexual offence. At what point did he thing this was a good idea? Did he not think he was going to get seen? (he was hardly subtle) And where was he going to cum? Down the inside of his leg? That’s s a question I probably don’t want to know the answer of.

We have no idea yet whether the police have been contacted. I would be surprised if they hadn’t been. To be fair, he does look bang to rights. If that was just an itch, then it is one hell of an itch!

There has been talk the San Diego Chargers will be leaving the area in the next couple of years. Though, as a British sports fan, I find that concept alien to me, hopefully no matter what State they end up in, they won’t have security guards masturbating in public over cheerleaders.

It doesn’t seem too much to ask, does it?

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