Our Charitable Donation – The Real Story

Earlier today a news story broke in The Irish Sun that Escort-Ireland.com had a charitable donation rejected by a Dublin based charity.

The Truth

During the course of the day we have followed the online activity and tried to respond in a careful and constructive manner, whilst also looking to protect our own business. The article itself contains many inaccuracies and blatant lies.

Apologies or retractions from reporters, or others who peddle badly researched nonsense, are very rare indeed so we are not surprised at all by the twitter reply we had. Therefore will make our point very simply against the suggestion that this was a “cynical” ploy.

“Inner City Helping Homeless have had no communication with Escort Ireland and only became aware of their fundraising through contact with us from the Irish Sun” – Anthony Flynn, ICHH.


In November we began to approach charities, several in fact, who we thought may want to receive a donation from our business. This was done in a clear and respectful way as we fully understand that each person has very different views on our business.


We were delighted to hear back from ICHH as they were the charity that our users and team had wanted to help the most. They are not funded by the government; do not get the support they deserve, and they do fantastic things at group and individual level.


Based on this reply, we decided to fully focus our efforts on ICHH and continued our work, informing ICHH of our intention to fundraise and donate.


Once the window in which we were raising money was over, we made the payment as promised and then confirmed this in writing.



We are happy to continue to contribute to great causes, we even do so with no recognition ourselves. It’s shame that we have to do this as some groups we seek to support are concerned about being hounded and attacked, not being connected with our brands. The behaviour of some people today simply showcases this.

We work with several organisations at any one time, and it’s a shame for certain groups to use their lack of knowledge about us, and their blinded opinions, to try to stop any good work that we look to support.

We will continue, and if today has helped a charity raise money then that’s fantastic.

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