Five Reasons Mature Escorts are The Best!

The mature escorts on our site are some of the most popular around. It doesn’t matter what they look like, be they tall, short, slim, curvy; they all seem to have a fine reputation.

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We see this mirrored in porn, with ‘mature’ being one of the most searched for, if not the most searched term on sites like Pornhub. The question is, what causes this popularity?

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From speaking to clients, and of course our own personal experience, we have found that there are number of common factors that make the mature escorts incredible. These same factors make mature porn stars popular, older celebrities super-sexy, and MILF’s in the street or workplace attention grabbing.

Today we are going to discuss them. Those of you who like more mature women will know these already. For those of you have never tried this type of companion out, you really don’t know what you are missing!

Until now at least.

1) They Traditionally Have Had More Partners

This isn’t always the case, but is usually what happens as they get older. After seeing a number of men, women work out that not every guy is the same and will need different things to get them off.


2) They Have More Experience

The more you do something, the better you get. This is the case with everything, and sex is no different.

The mature companion will likely be able to do things like oral better than her younger counterpart, so will put a real smile on the faces of her lucky clients.


3) They Know What They Want

The nerves are usually gone by the time they hit a mature age, so they have no problem asking you to do something they like. As they get more pleasure, the heat will certainly rise, leaving you increasingly satisfied also.


4) They Are Flattered Younger Men Like Them

It is true that women may get better in bed when they get older, but many are also likely to be concerned they aren’t looking as young as they once did. Once again, this won’t be the case for all, but a good proportion will have this issue (my partner for one).

The fact that a younger man is paying them attention will be a real ego boost, and it will make them try even harder in bed. This is a huge win for both parties.


5) They are Good Teachers

This is an underrated one, especially in the escort world. Some mature ladies really like passing on tips to younger guys, who may not have that much experience. Therefore, they will always be remembered as the ones who really taught the lad about sex, even when he gets older and is putting those tips to good use.


So, there we have it. Of course, younger escorts, and women in general, have their own qualities, and there will be men who like them also, and possibly more so. However, there is something spectacular about the mature companions on our site that this writer really can’t get enough of!

For those who just can’t wait to meet one, follow the button below and you will be on your way to a date you won’t forget in a hurry.


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