Panamanian Prostitute Claims to have had Steamy Session with Justin Bieber!

There are two big questions in pop music at the moment. One is ‘why is Miley Cyrus using up the worlds oxygen?’ The other is ‘does Justin Bieber use prostitutes?’ Well, that seems to be the allegation at the moment. I will stress that it is an allegation (thanks legal team!)

After hitting the headlines for attending Brazilian brothel Centaurus, and trying to make a quick getaway, hiding under a sheet, a Panamanian prostitute has ‘confirmed’ she spent the night with the teen heartthrob. The woman told

“It was delicious, it was super delicious, because not every day you get to be with someone famous, especially someone like him. He’s a love of a man! A cutie patootie!”

The mystery woman claimed that the star and his entourage picked out ten prostitutes to go back to his hotel, and she earned $500 from the hot and sexy meeting.

She continued: “They took us in their car to the hotel. There was so much emotion, it was incredible. I wanted to do everything with him. I did everything.”

When asked the size of Justin’s manhood, she described his weapon as ‘average’.

After the event, Justin was kind enough to give them concert tickets. Now why did he have to go and spoil it?

This is all on the back of a woman called Gaby De Campo posting a picture of a wad of money on Twitter, writing “Thanks @justinbieber for the fresh dolla bills.”

Justin’s team denied she was a prostitute, instead claiming the lady was one of 50 people the singer invited back for a party.”

Beautiful Ladies

Now here at Escort Ireland, we are not going to be so daft to think that women wouldn’t make things up about the young star, so to get some cash from news agencies. Yet lets face it, Central and South American ladies are some of the most beautiful in the world, why wouldn’t Justin want to visit some of them?

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We can certainly guarantee they will be more discrete than the girls who Justin ALLEGEDLY met!

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