Debenhams to Use Size 16 Mannequins

For years people have been saying that the modelling industry gives a false impression of what a woman actually looks like. Yes, certain women are skinny, size 0 ladies, who if they are not walking down a catwalk, then they most certainly should be.

In reality however, not everyone has got the stereotypical ‘perfect’ figure. It is safe to say that more women have fuller figures than are skinny as a rake.

That reality has never stopped window shop mannequin’s all looking like Kate Moss. Most dolls are either size eight, or size ten. Yes, the clothes look great on them, but really, how would it look on people with a more ‘normal’ figure?


A Change for the Better

Debenhams have taken the first step to righting this wrong with the introduction of size 16 mannequins. Debenhams director Ed Watson explains the decision.

“Having worked on this project for three years, we hope that it will help people in some small way, to feel comfortable about their bodies and, crucially, that other retailers will follow.”

Though this is a great move, and we echo his thoughts, it has to be said that a recent survey in Toronto found that women are three times more likely to buy clothes, when the models in advertisements were their size. It does make you wonder whether any of the decision making was of a fiscal nature or not?

OK, that is just quibbling. In reality it is more important that women are being helped when it comes not to not getting a negative body image. Women, for too long, have been given a false impression of what they should look like. We have had generations of women who are of perfectly healthy weight and stature thinking they are in some way fat. It is time that came to an end.

Debenhams have also vowed to stop airbrushing their catalogue models, and to use a size 18 lady as a lingerie model to ‘highlight curves’. Yes, they may be getting a great deal of positive PR out of this story, but it is a real sign that one of the countries biggest firms are actually listening to what the public wants.

Young beautiful large woman with butterfly

A Land of Different Tastes

At Escort-Ireland, we see first hand how men have different tastes. There are many different Belfast escorts, some smaller, some larger, all beautiful. There should not be a ‘one size fits all’ policy when it comes to what is ‘acceptable.’

Debenhams, good on you!

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