The Novices Guide to Calling An Escort!

When I first visited one of the Dublin escorts 10 years ago I was a nervous wreck. I really had no clue whatsoever as to what I was supposed to do when making a booking. What was I supposed to say? Would I sound like some sort of pervert?

Visiting an escort back in my day was a bit more confusing. We didn’t have the internet so there was no point of reference with other clients giving you the basics. These days all the worlds information is at the touch of a button.

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Still, it is a nervous time for any first time client. And the amount of times our escort forum moderators get asked advice on what to do when calling an escort is amazing.

This is why the Escort Ireland blog has put together a simple guide on what to do when meeting an escort, from the moment you pick up the phone!

We hope you find it useful!

1) Don’t Withhold your Number

Most escorts won’t answer a blocked number due to security concerns. Make sure your number is visible. If you have to buy a sim-card that you only use for punting, do so. It is actually a great idea

2) Relax

Take a deep breath and smile. It is OK to be nervous. Believe it or not, escorts are human beings also so don’t worry. The escort will understand you being a bit wound up.

3) Try and Sound Confident

Start with something like ‘Hi, my name is *insert your name here*, am I speaking to *insert escorts name*? The escort is most likely to answer in the affirmative.

4) Approach a Booking

Tell the escort you have seen their ad and that you are interested in making a booking. Be formal, as you are requesting a business transaction with a service provider.

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5) Make Sure your Info is Correct

On Escort Ireland we have all the information regarding prices, times, and what services are provided by the escort. Make sure that you know all this, as if you make them explain everything they do, you may sound like a guy who just wants them to talk dirty for a bit.

6) Don’t Try and Convince Her To Do Services that aren’t Ticked

Nothing can make you sound as big an asshole as asking them to do services that aren’t ticked. If the escort hasn’t ticked ‘A’ then don’t ask them if they do ‘A’. Pick an escort who performs the services you want.

7) Ask Them For A Particular Slot

This is one that people often get quite wrong. In an attempt to sound easy going, they ask the escort to pick a time. It is far better to request a slot that fits in with your schedule. If the escort can’t make that slot, they will offer you as near as they can.

It is then up to you whether you want the booking.

8) The Follow Up Call

You will often be asked to make a phone call to the escort when you are close by. That confirms that you aren’t wasting their time, and if they can see you, they can work out if you are who you say you are (to a reasonable degree) They can certainly work out that you aren’t five men who are looking to rob them.

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9) Be On Time

You are paying for the escorts time and companionship, so don’t go being late. If you are late, then make a phone call explaining your issue. It will then be up to the escort whether they wish to proceed with the booking or not.

If you can’t make it for some reason, ring up and explain. It saves the escort waiting around for someone who is never going to come.

10) Have Fun!

Remember, you are meant to be having fun. Enjoy the booking. The Dublin escorts certainly know how to put you at ease!

We certainly hope that was useful for any newbies (is that what the young people say?) out there.

You will no doubt enjoy entering the world of escorts.

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