Man Does Striptease In Job Interview!

In these times where it is difficult to get a job, there are ways to go about doing making yourself the ideal candidate. People usually start by getting your CV written up by a professional or making sure they have a new suit for the interview.

However, Mukra Mirza (32) decided there was a different way to stand out from the crowd. This clever chappie decided to do a striptease for the shocked interviewers at the IT job he had gone for.

A Crazy Guy

However, his full rendition of the Weather Girl’s hit ‘It’s Raining Men’ while seductively taking off his top failed to land him the position.

Mirza also claimed that his previous experience of “sex trafficking women from the Middle East” was proof of his suitability for the recruitment role.

He did however get a letter congratulating him on his ‘diva-like performance’.

It read: “Thanks again for coming for an interview with myself. It was interesting to meet with you.

“Whereas we loved your karaoke version of ‘It’s Raining Men’ we feel the strip tease was a little unnecessary.

“Also the fact you have been involved in sex trafficking women from Middle East does not really account for ‘vast recruitment experience’ as you suggested.

“Thanks again for your time and I suggest moving forward you seek medical attention before attending other interviews.”

Mr Mirza however remains undeterred, although he admits he may have ‘laid it on a bit thick’.

“There’s not a lot on offer these days, so it’s important these days to do something that helps you stand out.

“I’m pretty sure most companies could secretly use a person like me working for them.

“The only ‘medical attention’ I’ll need to get is for the burns I keep getting – because when it comes to impressing future bosses, I’m quite literally on fire.”

A Better Option

OK. I am going to guess that anyone who says they are into sex trafficking and who does a striptease may not be seriously looking for employment. However, that doesn’t stop the story being quite funny!

If he wants a job and he loves stripping so much, why doesn’t he become a male Dublin escort. By the looks of his picture (which for copyright purposes I can’t put on) he looks in good nick!

There is definitely an opening at Escort Ireland for someone like you Mr Mirza!

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