Mother Of ‘World’s Hottest Criminal’ Sets Up Fund For His Defence!

The mother of a man who was recently dubbed the world’s most handsome crook has set up a fund to help with his defence at his upcoming trial.

Jeremy Meeks from California, 30, has stolen the hearts of women from all around the world after police put his mugshot on Facebook following his arrest.

A Worldwide Sensation

Stockton Police said he is one of the most violent criminals in the area, but after they put his picture on Facebook it went viral and has been liked almost 40,000 times.

Well, on the back of that, his mum Katherine Angier has set up a GoFundMe page with a $25k target to ‘help him get a fair trial’,She claims her son has no gang ties, and was merely on his way to work when he was lifted.

She said: “He’s my son and he is so sweet. Please help him get a fair trial or else he’ll be railroaded.”


Mrs Angier fears he will be judged because of the tattoos he sports, including a teardrop on his face. The teardrop can mean that the wearer has killed someone, though there are reportedly other reasons people have them (none of them good)

Jeremy Meeks Black man with a teardrop tattoo

Well, you can never underestimate the stupidity of people, and it appears women have flocked to his page to help him out. It has been shared 24,000 times since it was launched with over $3,500 being raised so far, mainly by anonymous contributors.

Worrying Priorities

Who cares if he is guilty or innocent? He is fit, help him out! Thankfully not all women are as daft as those who have decided to fund this guys defence. The vast majority, as we know are a damn site smarter.

In Dublin there are plenty of good looking Dublin male escorts. And they are a damn site less likely to be criminals like this guy.

Sometimes I weep for humanity

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