How Can I Reduce My Refractory Period?

One of the big questions we get on this website from guys is ‘how do I decrease my refractory period?’. Well, they may not ask it in those terms; we are more likely to hear ‘how can I decrease the time between orgasm and getting hard again?’. However, they certainly mean the same thing.

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A refractory period, for those who don’t know, is a time after stimulation where a nerve or muscle is unresponsive to further stimulation. In the sexual world, that is where a guy cums and is unable to get his dick hard again.

According to some studies, 18-year-old males have a refractory period of about 15 minutes, while those in their 70s take about 20 hours, with the average for all men being about a half-hour. Some men have no refractory period at all, but they are the exception to the rule.

There is one good reason to reduce your refractory period. That is because having sex with a beautiful woman (or man) is a fun experience, and doing it lots is even better. Who wants to be lying there waiting to get hard when you could be getting in on again?

But sometimes it is easier said than done. We want our dick to go hard again, but it is having none of it. However, there are tips to give yourself a chance of getting yourself ready to go.

Don’t Think About It

There is nothing more unsexy than sitting there, looking at your penis, and wondering why it isn’t getting hard. Then, as every moment passes, your are getting more and more stressed that you aren’t aroused again. This is a perfect storm to keep your dick soft.

Embrace whatever happens, that is the first step.


Get Her To Use a Vibrator

The best thing to do during your time between sessions is for your partner to play with themselves, and bringing sex toys into play is even better. Watching them have some fun is a good way to get yourself excited again.

However, for many, just holding one another hits the sport. It is about making sure you have some intimacy.



One good way to reduce your refractory period is to edge your orgasm. This is where you bring yourself really close to cumming and then stop yourself. This means that the orgasm becomes bigger, and you are able to convince the body that has been aching for an orgasm that you want more.

Change Your Diet

One natural solution is to raise your dopamine levels by eating more foods rich in vitamins B6, B12, and folate, such as chickpeas, tuna, and asparagus, says Dr. Lipshultz, a professor of urology at Baylor College of Medicine.

Every time you ejaculate, your pituitary gland produces a surge of oxytocin and prolactin, hormones that make you relax. These hormones suppress dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for arousal. The above foods will boost that dopamine level, hopefully giving you less of a refractory period.


These are four ways that you can get get your dick up again after orgasm. Obviously there is no guarantee that it will work, but by following these steps you will give yourself every chance to succeed.

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