Have you ever paid for virtual services like webcam shows or sexting and then realize you have been scammed? That sucks, it’s the truth. You’re probably not the only one, but you can learn how to avoid getting scammed and help others not to be scammed as well.

Avoid Scams on Virtual Services


First things first. It’s super important to check the providers’ reviews. That will give you an idea of other punters experiences. The better reviews they have, the most trustful they can be and don’t forget to leave a review too if everything goes well!

Verified members

Sometimes verified pictures are not enough. Checking if they are verified members can be a game-changer as they are usually providers who have been advertising on Escort-Ireland for quite some time without being reported for any reason, which means, they are usually the most trustful providers.


Take some time to do quick research about the provider you are going to contact, and read their bio, sound suspicious? do they have social media profiles? When contacting them try to kindly ask about the process of payment and the service they will provide.

Better if they have an EscortFans Profile

Sometimes it is better and safer to first try subscribing to EscortFans, purchasing a piece of content, or asking for custom content for a specific fee. This is the recommended option as the provider must create the content first and send it to you. If you then want to finally see it you just need to pay for it, after it’s created, not before! 😊

How to recognize when you’ve been scammed

If you contact the provider and they ask you for a direct payment (such as revolut, bank transfer, etc) before sending you the link of where the virtual service will be placed (like zoom, skype, etc), but you click on the link, and it states something similar to “Sorry the link is not correct”. DO NOT send another payment for a new link! The provider may ask you to pay again and send you another link but don’t do it! They will probably opt-in to block you after that.

If you contact a provider, pay for the virtual service, and received the link where your virtual service will take place and after 30 seconds the provider cuts the line off and asks you for another payment, don’t accept!

Report Scams

At Escort-Ireland we take serious actions against advertisers who use their adverts to scam people. We try to act as fast as possible, but we need punters help to report the adverts.

Reporting adverts is of great help to alert other punters and alert Escort-Ireland about it. If you don’t report them, you contribute to the provider continuing to scam people.

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