The Five Hottest Women in Twin Peaks

Anyone who hasn’t been on planet Mars for the last six months will realise that Twin Peaks is returning this weekend. For many of us, this is a cause for celebration.

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Whether you like the series or not (and boy, there was some crap in there, especially after you found out who killed Laura Palmer) it is maybe the most influential TV series of all time. Back in 1990, long running multi series where an overarching plot wasn’t solved inside two episodes just didn’t exist. This programme was the pre-cursor to things like ‘Lost’ and ‘The Walking Dead’.

One thing that can’t be argued though is that is was completely chock full of sexy women. To be fair, it was actually ridiculous, you didn’t know where to turn your eyes.

So, this seems the right time to give you a rundown of the five hottest women in Twin Peaks history. This is the 1990/91 version; how they have all aged, we will discover Sunday night/Monday morning.

So, here goes!

5) Laura Palmer – Actress: Sheryl Lee

The coke addled murder victim was played by Sheryl Lee. Her relaxed death face enchanted us from the word go. Obviously as she was dead in Twin Peaks, we got to know her better in the prequel ‘Fire Walk With Me’. However, Lee was so popular, that director David Lynch wrote a part for her in the original series as Maddy, Laura’s cousin.

4) Annie Blackburn – Actress: Heather Graham

Yes, THE Heather Graham. The love interest of Dale Cooper graced our screen in series two, roughly around the time most of the stuff was crap. However, Heather gave a real indication she was going to be a star, even if she wasn’t the blonde bombshell she turned out to be.

3) Shelly Johnson – Actress: Madchen Amick

This is where I think I will cause arguments. Shelly was the abused wife of Leo Johnson, and was extremely pretty. A real fan favourite, it will be great to see her back in the new series.

Apparently she has appeared in a number of TV shows, like ‘Gossip Girl’ in the intervening years, but to some of us, she will always be Shelly!

2) Norma Jennings – Actress: Peggy Lipton

Norma was the wife of murderer Hank Jennings, and love interest of Ed Hurley, as well as being the owner of the ‘Double R Diner’. Already 43 by the time of Twin Peaks, Peggy is the oldest person on our list. However, the hot older woman is always popular, and she oozed sex appeal. She was already a star after appearing in ‘The Mod Squad’, but her role here really brought her back to public attention.

She will appear in the new series, now aged 70. My god, I feel old.

1) Audrey Horne – Actress: Sherilyn Fenn

And here we have it, number one, and the hottest woman in Twin Peaks, Audrey Horne.

The sultry young daughter of local businessman Ben Horne set pulses racing back in the day, and was maybe the most sexy woman in TV history.

Initially a planned love interest for Dale Cooper, Kyle MacLachlan’s real life girlfriend at the time Lara Flynn Boyle (Donna Haywood) didn’t want him going anywhere near Sherilyn Fenn on screen, so the whole plot line had to change.

Fenn went on to have a really average career, mostly caused by a desire to only take ‘interesting roles’ and her almost pathological desire to not play sexy women, or ‘uninteresting versions of Audrey Horne’ as she would later put it.

However, in her time, she was incredible.

Notable Absentees

This is just my list, and I am well aware that other people will have their own opinion. They include Jocelyn Packard played by Last Emperor star Joan Chen, Catherine Martell played by Piper Laurie, and Lucy Moran, played by Kimmy Robertson. I will leave out Donna Haywood played by Lara Flynn Boyle as I am sure you all have eyes!

So, who do you think is hottest? Let me know in the poll below, and also in the comments section.

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