Hook Up Website… For Getting Pregnant!

The woman behind the UK’s most controversial boobs and the Big Brother scandal has decided to move onto other aspects of life, and is now the proud owner of a dating site designed to encourage people to get pregnant and live off the government.
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This is the kind of news you genuinely could not make up. I don’t know how she manages to keep coming up with these unusual and crazy schemes, but she does. This website is just the latest thing.

Helps you get pregnant

Have you ever found yourself thinking “I need help. I want the council to help me get a house and raise my baby on benefits”? No? You aren’t the only one, but this is Ms Cunningham’s latest idea for a “dating” website.

Designed so that desperate women can be put in touch with men happy to father children, it encourages people to have unsafe sex with strangers.

Somewhere in her mind there must have been alarm bells going. Maybe one shouting out “this might not be such a good idea!” If there was, she has clearly ignored it and gone ahead with it. She has ignored the fact that, for those desperate to have children and struggling to do so, there are many other better and safer options out there.

Unprotected sex

Since the purpose of the website is for users to get pregnant with strangers, you will be thinking “isn’t that unsafe?” Yes it is! Does that matter? Apparently not!

Somehow, despite the dangers this puts the users at both in terms of their physical safety and their sexual health, the website has gone live.

In an interview, the creator stated that “people will think I’m promoting unprotected sex so women can get pregnant, bag themselves a council house and have a life on benefits.” Yes they will, because that is what this is.

If that wasn’t bad enough, she suggested that the situation was actually very similar to the “many girls hav(ing) one night stands”. Yet she ignores one thing. One night stands will, most of the time, involve protection. This requires users to not use anything at all. No condoms, no implant, no coil. Nothing.

Can we even call this a dating website? It is a casual hook-up site with huge consequences attached to it. This is just such a terrible idea and should never have been allowed. Am I the only one who finds this shocking? Tell us in the comments below just how bad an idea it is, or join the debate on the Escort Ireland forums.

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