Helen Skelton and the Dress That Melted Twitter

Well, the Rio Olympics are upon us, and it has certainly captured the public’s imagination. Adam Peaty’s 100 metre breaststroke gold medal and world record, the French gymnast who shattered his leg, and Djokovic going out of the tennis in the first round, have been some of the major talking points. However, the highlight for many has been Helen Skelton and that incredibly short dress on Saturday night whilst presenting the swimming, which almost melted Twitter!

Helen Skelton

Helen Skelton and THAT Dress

The blonde bombshell sported a black-blue dress which showed off her shapely legs, and certainly started the games off with a bang. The 33 year old mum-of-one sent pulses racing nationwide. To make things even better, she would swivel on her chair, giving guys and girls everywhere a fantastic view of her pins.

Well, it didn’t take long for her to become a trending topic on Twitter. To be fair, for something so amazing, her dress, or should I say, the reaction to it, caused a number of arguments.

Obviously there were hundreds of positive comments regarding her choice of clothing. People were blown away by how good she looked. However, as with most of things, there were a string of humourless feminists talking about how we were ‘objectifying her’. They seemingly thought we needed to ignore what she was wearing, instead of complimenting her. I never understand that mindset. If people look good, let them know I say. You don’t need to be sleazy in the way you do it, but if someone makes an effort let them know it is appreciated.

Helen Skelton

I really do need to make something clear. Helen is an absolutely superb presenter. Her presenting skills and knowledge of the sport are superb. She is credit to broadcasting, and in no way are we objectifying her. She is just a beautiful woman, on top of being bloody talented! Some people need get a grip.

She is Taken!!

However, for those who really are obsessing about Helen Skelton, I’m sorry to say she is taken. She is married to Richie Myler of the Catalans Dragons (yes, he is big and hard). I of course, hope they have a wonderful life together, and Catalans don’t get destroyed by St Helens on Friday at all. OK, I am bitter, don’t judge me!

Well, carry on the good work Helen. You really have put a smile on millions of faces, nt just with those legs, but also your bubbly personality and knowledge of all thing aquatic.

But my word…those legs!

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