An interview With Five Sexy, Sporty Escorts

If you haven’t realised that the Rio Olympics 2016 have started a couple of days ago, then you must have been living under a soundproof rock.

Feet on starting block ready for a spring start. Focus on leg of a athlete about to start a race in stadium with sun flare.

I don’t know what it is, but whenever a big sports event gets blasted through the television screens or on Twitter, I can’t help but get into the sporty spirit myself, or more into the spirit than I already was. Additionally, I can’t help but feel that you guys and girls get that feeling too.

Now, as I’m sure that some of you may know, not every courtesan on Escort-Ireland is the same, and every courtesan does a lot of different things in their spare time. Could you imagine seeing an escort working 24/7? I couldn’t. If I could, then she would be surrounded by sugar-free Monster energy drinks, and has forgotten how to sleep, or even how to sit down.

Although we can’t all be Olympian athletes, we are still given the opportunity to do a variety of both mild and extreme sports; just read about the amount of activities that these ladies do when they’re not servicing their clients.

Irish Belle

Every once in a while, we all need a change in our lifestyle, especially if we don’t feel as good as we want to be; that’s what I thought about when I started to chat with Irish Belle. She reminds me of an adventurous woman that wants do exciting things and explore the great outdoors, like Belle from Beauty & the Beast, or the business lady in Avicii’s ‘I could be the one’ music video.

When she was based in the UK, Irish Belle did a lot of walking and boxing, which caught my interest a lot when she mentioned about boxing. In fact, I think it’s really hot if a woman does some kind of martial art; not only is it necessary for self-defence, but it also makes the lady look lethal and awesome!

After she moved to Ireland, Irish Belle included other lively activities in her daily life, such as cross country running, horseback riding and rock climbing. If you’re someone that gets a mundane vibe when you’re surrounded by sweaty guys with a bunch of free weights in one room, then you would understand how Belle would feel when she’s stuck in the gym for an hour or two.

However, there is one big reason why she still goes to the gym, and the reason is that she loves to go to some of the classes that the trainers and teachers at the gym provide for the members, though, her busy escort schedule makes it quite difficult for her to go to a class when she’s free. Nevertheless, she always makes the time for sports and fitness when she doesn’t have an appointment, which keeps her looking fresh and sexy for all of the punters to see.

Furthermore, Irish Belle also told me that if she were to pursue a career in sports, she would be a professional boxing coach. I would love to see her teaching others how to kick ass one day, or punch ass due to the fact that she does boxing and not kickboxing.


As there are many types of vibrators in this world, there are escorts that do different levels of sports. Some of them do an hour’s run once a day, and others do gym sessions, ab-sailing, kayaking and tai chi once every 8 hours. Of course, that was an exaggeration, but it does relate to the hectic yet exciting day-to-day life of Helen 21.

When it comes to early workouts, I am not a morning person unless I am in a really good mood. But for Helen 21, waking up to go to the gym at 7:30 seems quite natural to her. In between appointments, she would always make the effort to do as much running, table tennis, swimming, weightlifting as possible, which is more that what I could ever do before or after work.

Before injuring her knee, Helen heavily indulged in her passion for volleyball, which she had been playing for 3 consecutive years. She still plays it when she gets the chance, of course, but when she’s able to fill in an empty slot in her daily schedule.

Moreover, it’s not a huge surprise that this lovely courtesan told me that she will be watching the volleyball and tennis matches on the Olympics. I’ve watched the woman’s volleyball match the other day, when the USA duo was competing with the pair from Poland, and the amount of muscle on their arms and legs are amazing!

Irish Josephine

Even though there are a lot of sports that we all like doing, there are also a couple of activities that we love doing. Know the difference between like and love.

If there is one thing that I would only know about Irish Josephine, is that she enjoys swimming, a lot. While chatting on the phone with her, she gave me this beautiful picture in my head where she switches from swimming gracefully in the sea, to gliding over boards in a leotard.

I can be sure that doing swimming and gymnastics for a few years can make her body bend in ways that men would think it would be impossible to do. Speaking of body-bending, if Irish Josephine were to choose a professional sports career, she would opt to be a high-jumping athlete. This would also add to the reason why she would watch the high-jump during the Olympics this year!


I do have to say this right now: never have I ever had a long and thrilling conversation with a beautiful escort in Ireland, who also has so much in common with me. Often or not, people do sports because it makes them thrive, it makes them enjoy their daily lives and it makes them feel healthy on both the inside and out; this is the kind of mentality that Cornelia has.

Before beginning our conversation about food, the hot courtesan started to talk about how sports and fitness help keep her mind, body and soul in focus. Cornelia told me about the amount of horse riding and ballet that she used to do in her childhood before exchanging her ballet shoes for some textbooks when she started college.

However, that doesn’t mean that sports & fitness have grounded to a halt when she became an escort. In fact, she made sure that she had a flexible schedule and a strong mindset for her leisure activities; no man will stand in the way of her sports.

For 10 hours of every week, Cornelia gets her sports bra on and does a variety of activities like going to the gym, yoga, basketball and ballet. It doesn’t matter if you’re an escort or an office clerk, any kind of job can make you feel tired and fatigued if you don’t have an outlet, which is why Cornelia doesn’t see more than 2 clients in a day.

What I’ve found very inspiring about the courtesan is that her main goal isn’t aesthetics, but a healthy brain that wouldn’t allow stress to affect her well being. This led my interview with Cornelia onto the subject of plant-based diets; we’re both vegan!

As I munch down on my veggie-filled sandwich while I write this article, I thought back on the conversations about how we could all be mercury free within 2 years if we stop eating tuna, and how fruits and vegetables can make our skins feel so, so smooth.

During her mini sports hiatus, she did notice that her posture changed, especially when she stopped ballet. That is why she would train 5 times a week to make sure that she has enough energy to please her clients in whatever way they want her to. I’m sure that with the amount of greens that she eats and the amount of activities that she does, Cornelia could continue to be an escort by the time she reaches 80!


Most people would have a story behind their active hobbies; it may have been from watching their favourite cartoon character doing a certain sport on television, or their parents giving them a bike when they were five years old and ended riding down the motorway.

Nicolle, a Romanian beauty from Dublin, sent me an email about how her love for sports & fitness stemmed from her childhood. She wrote to me that her father had a heavy addiction of taking her to classes like handball, volleyball, judo, and basketball.

All of this talk about volleyball is making me feel depressed because I can’t get into a bikini and hit a ball around the beach right now…

Anyway, each sport that Nicolle did had a story behind it. She loved doing handball when she was 7 years old until she gave up school, after that she decided to take on judo for a few months before a fat kid (these are her words) broke her arm.

After letting her arm heal, she went on to try out volleyball, but ended up getting kicked off the team because she kept throwing the ball at her coaches, which to me, sounds hilarious. Then she did basketball, the sport that gave her lots of friends, fun road trips and good memories, until she had to put her studies first.

Nowadays, she doesn’t have the time to do any kind of sports that she loves, which is understandable since escorting can be very time-consuming, but she still spreads the word of athleticism and advises everyone to get involved in a lively activity in their leisure time.

Sports isn’t a one-time thing, it’s a lifestyle

For most of the escorts that I’ve interviewed, they do sports & fitness in their spare time not to just keep their body in shape, but to also keep their health, well-being and sanity intact.

If I didn’t know already, the courtesans on Escort Ireland know how important it is to keep themselves healthy when it comes to doing their jobs. Their clients want to share their time and companionship with a woman that is happy and healthy, not one that is always rundown.

That would explain why so many ladies wouldn’t see so many punters in a day, or wouldn’t do this kind of service as a full-time job. Overall, these escorts believe that if they fit in sporting activities in their daily life, they can keep their escorting skills top notch, and what’s not a better way to motivate them to do more sports than to watch the Rio Olympics of 2016?

You can have a look at the escorts on their profiles.

Irish Belle
Irish Josephine

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