Our Top Guide To Using a Fleshlight

It is fair to say that that male sex toys are becoming more and more popular. Where once it was the sole domain of women with their vibrators, now more and more men are getting fleshlights to give them that extra level of stimulation.

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This did get me thinking though, with all the fantastic blogs on how to use vibrators, many of which are on our site, there is very little guidance on how to use fleshlights.

Well today we are putting that wrong to right with our very own step by step guide on how to use a fleshlight. It will go from getting it out of the box, to actually using it.

1) Removing The Gel

Take the gel insert out of the packet and put in a sink of hot tap water. Conversely you can just run in under a hot water tap for a few minutes.

2) Heating The Gel

Get the temperature to what you would like it. Remember, if you get it too hot then it will be rather painful, and your trip to the doctors may be rather embarrassing as you have to explain what you have done.

3) Replacing the Gel

Shake the excess water off and put the insert back in the Fleshlight case. Remember, it isn’t a pair of maracas so do it lightly so not to damage it.

4) Lubricate Yourself, The Entry, and The Internal Cavity

There is no such thing as too much lube. Slap it on yourself, and every other part of the insert that you will be making contact with as you have your fun. Fleshlights are great, but under-lubricated fleshlights suck.

5) Enjoy Yourself

You know the rest!

Have any of you used a fleshlight? I know I haven’t. If you have, let us know about how it was in the comments section below.

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