A Top Guide To The Pain Free Facial

When it comes to porn, it is fair to say that facials are the most common ending to a scene. Hey, cumming inside the woman is so rare that it even has its own subsection on porn sites, namely ‘creampie’. Still, no matter how common it is in porn, it is pretty rare once you move away from the screen.

Girl licking her lips covered with white substance

This discrepancy is often used as a way of attacking porn. People will say that kids get a skewed look at what sex is actually like, with many young lads expecting to give facials when in fact many young girls will think it is disgusting.

However, there will come a point that many couples want to try it. Sadly, when they do, once again porn really doesn’t give a great education as to how it can be done in a way that is mutually beneficial.


The main problem when it comes to facials is the fact that semen can get in the eyes of the recipient, For those who don’t know, the make up of semen is described in this article from Bustle.

“Semen is made up of a whole bunch of things you really don’t want in your eye. A fructose-rich fluid makes up 65 to 70 percent of it and citric acid, enzymes acid phosphatase, and lipids make up 25 to 30 percent. Other components of semen include, chlorine, zinc, sodium, lactic acid, uric acid, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, nitrogen, protein, antigens, DNA, and a handful of other nutrients.”

Now you don’t need me to tell you that you don’t want that stuff in your eyes. It will sting and hurt, which is something you never see in porn films. Instead, if it does go in her eyes, when the camera stops the woman will leg it to the sink and wash her eyes out. That isn’t half as sexy a finish as you see on film.

So how do you do a facial without it hurting the recipient? Jessica Drake, a porn star and educator and founder of the Guide to Wicked Sex believes the way to do it is for it to not be such a submissive act.

We all see in porn that the woman just takes what she is given. If the guy does it near her eyes, then that just happens; she has no control of it one way or another. However, if she takes hold and controls it, she can make sure the semen goes where she wants it. Drake explained.

“If the penis is in your hands and you’re stroking it and you are a catalyst for that orgasm, it’s a really powerful thing, especially if you’re deciding where that cum goes,” Drake says. “[During a blow job,] when he’s about to come, you can turn your cheek and rest the penis on the side of your face, and then he’s coming across your cheek. As long as the penis is in your hand, you’re controlling the direction of that cum.”

It is a case of not being surprised by the facial.


That of course looks a little bit less like the porn movie. If the guy wants to just blast his facial anywhere, then he may not like the woman having more control. It should then be up to the woman whether she wants to just close her eyes and take the risk. No man should force a woman into doing this if she doesn’t want to. Submissive sex isn’t forced sex; that always needs to be remembered.

Still, for those who want to do this, it can be fun. It is all about respect and understanding. As for that matter is all sex.

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