1,800 Naughty Internet Searches in the Heart of Government!

You just couldn’t make it up. Leinster House, the home of ‘morality’ and ‘values’ in Ireland, may not be the whiter than white institution that the gullible, I mean trustworthy thought it was.

It seems that over 1.800 attempts to access adult websites were made from Leinster House over a four month period between May 17th 2013 and September 13th 2013. Searched for terms included “hook up sites”, “hot naked teenage girls” and you guessed it, “Escort-Ireland”!

One thing we found really amusing about this, is the fact that the people searching were merely Leinster House staff, journalists, visitors and contractors. The TD’s, Senators and their staff don’t have their internet monitored due to reasons of ‘privacy and confidentiality’. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see how many of them were looking at ‘immoral’ sites such as Escort-Ireland?

This whole situation highlights the hypocrisy when it comes to the adult industry. As a society, people trot out the traditional lines that such websites are ‘disgusting’ and ‘seedy’, when in fact they are visiting them themselves. Then, the real ‘moral elite’ can say that they are supported by public opinion. If over 1,800 attempts to look at these sites are made in the heart of government alone, what does it say about the actions of people in their own homes? It doesn’t take Columbo to work out that sites such as Escort-Ireland are not just visited by seedy old men, as is the perception painted by people such as RUHAMA, but by real, everyday people.

woman in black lingerie

I really think that it is time to quit the hyperbole and realise that the silent majority of people are not motivated by moral panic, but want these legitimate industries properly liscenced so everyone is kept safe. Pushing an industry underground has never worked; the demand remains the same. All that happens is that it becomes more dangerous due to people knowing there is a level of criminality involved.

A little message to the numerous staff members at Leinster House who have been trying to log onto Escort Ireland. You may have thought that you were the only one in the building searching for adult content, but as you can see, that is far from the truth.

Isn’t it time everyone in the country was a little more honest and got treated like an adult?

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