What Does GFE Mean In Escorting?

People often request GFE when calling me for an appointment, but the definition of GFE can be different from person to person. Here, I’ll discuss what GFE means to me and give you the chance to share your thoughts on the girlfriend experience.

When I think about GFE or the girlfriend experience, I think KCC – Kissing, Cuddling, and Closeness. For me, they are the most vital parts of giving a great and sexy girl friend experience.
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Kissing is something that tends to be forgotten very quickly in a porn star experience, but it is essential for GFE. Giving slow, deep sensual kisses full of passion throughout your time together can really put the client at ease, while also showing how much you appreciate them.

Starting with a light peck when they arrive will show that they will be showered with them, and experimenting to find their favourite type of kiss will make every single moment of your date memorable. Try French kissing, kissing (no tongues), and nibbling on their lip at those all important moments to keep them coming back for more.


Cuddling together gives you both the chance to relax and take a moment to catch your breath. If you are at an overnight, it is the perfect way to enjoy a movie after a delicious dinner. It also gives you the opportunity to give them a sensual massage, or even an erotic massage depending on their preference.

Be passionate in your embrace, using light strokes along their arms before moving on to the sensual massage. The entire process should feel very natural, so try tracing up their arm to their shoulders and rubbing in gentle circles to begin the process.


Sharing a sense of closeness can make what would be a normal date with an escort feel all the more real. After all the passion,sensuality, and sexy chat are done with, try sharing a joke. Part of GFE is being close to one another, and being able to have inside jokes and laugh when things don’t go according to plan are a huge part of it.

If you have exchanged cheeky and sexy sms or texts in the lead up the meeting, make references to them to show you remember them clearly. Make the effort to remember the name they give you, so that if you meet them again in the future for a return appointment you know it. It will mean a lot to them.

What is GFE to you?

My version of GFE, as explained above, may be different to yours. You may think that passionate kisses and sensual massages aren’t as important as looking sexy. Let us know what you think on the escort forums, or in the comments section below.

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