The Five Top Role Play Games

Roleplay is something that interest a lot of couples. Lets face it, if you are watching mainstream porn (I’m not talking the freaky shit some people are into) it’s very likely that you will be watching a roleplay scenario.

Its pretty easy to see how, when peoples sex lives get a bit mundane, they turn to role play to spice it up. The question is, what are the most popular role-playing scenarios being used by couples today?

Here at Escort Ireland, we have put together our rundown of the top five roleplay games happening in Irish couples bedrooms.

Here goes!


5) Repairman

We all know this one. The guy comes round to fix the boiler or unblock the sink, only to find the woman in revealing clothing.

Whilst he is working, the woman will begin to brush up against him and hey presto, they are shagging away!

This remains a popular one as it gives the woman total control. It also lets the man feel rugged and tough, even if he is usually an I.T specialist, or some other white collar worker usually.

4) The Naughty Best Friend

This may sound like a strange one, but it really is very popular.

Its the one where the wife or girlfriend is away, and the wife’s hot female friend comes round. After a few minutes sitting on the couch, guess what happens?

This gives the guy the thrill of cheating, without doing it. This can benefit both partners.

For obvious reasons though, never use real peoples names. This is a generic fantasy; it will not go down well if the guy is actually fantasising about his other half’s best mate!

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3) Cops and Robbers

This is another power inbalance roleplay game. The robber gets arrested by the police and just use your imagination.

The good thing about this is the way handcuffs can be put to good use, increasing the excitement even further

2) Boss and Secretary

This is one that gives the power to the guy. The demanding boss calls a meeting with his extremely hot secretary, and can stop looking at her low cut top and her short skirt. It won’t take long for the sparks to start flying.

This is a really naughty one as its not something anyone should be doing in work!


1) Teacher and Student

Yes, this one still comes out top of the pops. The naughty student is kept back later and and ends up banging (or being banged) over the desk.

The reason for the popularity is that both men and women can take control due to teaching being an equal opportunities industry.

One problem some people have with this one is the fact that students are young, leading a few people to think this role play is dodgy. But remember, young people go to school or college up until the age of 18, so it’s only sick if you make it sick!

Escort Role Play

Many Dublin escorts offer roleplay services as part of their bookings. If you fancy engaging in it, or you just want a few tips to take home to your other half, why not give them a call and make a booking?

Role play certainly gets a big thumbs up from us all here at Escort Ireland!

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