What To Do When You Finish Early?

So after a hot and heavy session, you’ve had your orgasm and you’re feeling satisfied and relaxed. However, you’ve peaked a little early and now she’s waiting on you to return the favour. You may want to fall asleep, but this is not the time to be selfish. So how can you please her when you’re done? The likelihood is, she’s not far from orgasm, and so here are some tips on how to satisfy her after you’ve peaked.

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Use your Tongue and Fingers

Using techniques that will stimulate both her clitoris and G-spot simultaneously will quickly bring your partner to orgasm. One way to achieve this is using your tongue to lick her clit while using your fingers to penetrate her. If you can achieve and maintain the right rhythm, it shouldn’t be long before she starts screaming with pleasure.

If you were using a condom during sex, many dislike the taste of latex that is left down there afterwards. To counter this, try using Polyurethane (non-latex) condoms or flavoured lube before penetration. For those who don’t use condoms, keep a flavoured lube close to hand and apply a small amount before you go down on her.

Another way to achieve this effect is to use just your fingers. For the best result, get behind your partner and spoon her – keeping your face close to hers so that you maintain a connection. Then reach around and massage her clitoris. For added sensations, kiss and breathe heavily on her neck. It’ll drive her wild.

Use a Toy

If you’re feeling a little lazy, let a sex toy do all the hard work for you! It’s always a good idea to keep some toys and lube under the bed or in drawer nearby, so you can whip them out within a couple of seconds. With a vibrator, use circular motions on her clitoris and you will soon start hearing moans and groans of pleasure. If you’re using a dildo, apply a little extra lube before penetration. Keep a strong and steady rhythm and watch her squirm with delight.

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Another sex toy you can use is a penis ring. This toy will keep your waning penis awake long enough to continue for a little longer. If you find that you often reach an orgasm before your partner, using a penis ring during intercourse will restrict the flow of blood to your penis; delaying your orgasm and keeping you harder for longer.

Use your Penis

Sometimes after you’ve peaked, your penis can stay hard for a few extra minutes. Why not use these precious few minutes to make her achieve an orgasm?

Don’t go at it straight away, as your penis will still be extra-sensitive to the touch. Instead wait about 30 second after you ejaculate. If you’ve used a condom, remember to change condoms first. This time around, let her completely control the motion. She knows exactly what will tip her over the edge, so allow her to direct you to what feels great for her. If she’s close to reaching her orgasm, continue until she finishes. If not, keep going until it is obvious your erection isn’t coming back and move on to another technique.

Use Porn

This isn’t as quick and easy as the others, but it’s a fun and exciting way to finish off and could even give you a second wind. Suggest that you put on her favourite porno (remember it’s all about her) and enjoy each other’s bodies until you can perform again and finish the job. If you’re erection doesn’t come back, keeping playing with her until she orgasms. Watching a movie that turns her on will help her reach an orgasm faster.

If you’re worried that there could be an awkward moment, why not prepare the movie before you have sex? This way, you don’t have to get up, leave the room, look for the DVD she wants, and possibly kill the mood.


Let Her Finish the Job

If your partner is comfortable with it, why not suggest that she finish herself off while you watch. This is not only super-hot, but provides the perfect opportunity for you to see how she likes to be simulated and what really turns her on. Watching her masturbate will show you how fast and how hard she likes to be touched, and also where she likes it.

There’s no shame in finishing early, as women generally take longer to reach their peak. Nevertheless, do yourself proud and leave your partner wriggling in ecstasy. Finding new ways to satisfy her can be a fun experience for you both. Looking for other ways to finish your partner off? The Dublin escorts like to experiment and know what pushes all the right buttons. Give one a call today – who knows what you’ll discover!

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