Call Girl In Dead Google Exec Scandal!

It has to be said, when the sex industry is portrayed in the media, there is usually a hugely negative undertone in the reporting.

Take this story coming out of America today regarding a call girl, a Google executive, drugs and death.

‘High end prostitute’ Alix Tichelman, 26 is accused of injecting heroin into a Google executive on his yacht in California, and then leaving him to die when he overdosed. She has been charged with manslaughter.

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Cold Hearted Actions

Surveillance footage from the yacht shows Tichelman gather her belongings, including the heroin and needles, instead of phoning an ambulance or trying first aid. She then stepped over his body to finish a glass of wine. After that, she lowered a blind and left the boat.

The man, identified as Forrest Timothy Hayes, suffered medical complications and went unconscious during the drug fuelled encounter.

It also seems that police are investigating her over a similar incident in another state, according to Santa Cruz deputy police chief Steve Clark.

“There’s a pattern of behaviour here where she doesn’t seek help when someone is in trouble,” he said.

Police said Tichelman, who claims she has had more than 200 clients, met her clients through the website,, which helps connect wealthy men and women with attractive companions.

Painting a Picture

Here is my problem with this story. Far too much has been placed on to the fact that she is a call girl. If she has just wandered off and let someone die, then she is a pretty cold hearted individual. But why is so much relevance being placed on the fact she works in the sex industry, and that she has had over 200 clients?

This, seems to be a way of just pointing out that she is lacking in morals. Adding to that, the linking of prostitution and drugs is, in my opinion, a way of attacking the industry in general.

Now people will say ‘hey mate, they are just reporting facts’. I would have to agree with that. You could hardly ignore the fact that there were drugs involved, and that she was there in a professional capacity.

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But here is the issue. This is the only time you will see the sex industry in the news. It is only ever going to be a hugely negative story, referencing drugs and trafficking. There will never be anything about the positive stories of escorts deciding to enter the industry of their own free will, and treating clients with 100% respect. That just wouldn’t be the image elements of the press try to portray.

The Truth

There are numerous escorts in Mayo, Kildare escorts and Kerry escorts who love what they do, and make clients happy during a mutually beneficial transaction.

Escorting doesn’t equal a lack of morals. Escorting doesn’t equal drugs. I really wish some people would remember that.

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