Woman Mugged on Live TV During Interview on Street Crime!

Here is a question you won’t get every day. When is street crime funny? Well, the answer is probably never. Still, if it is ever going to be funny, it will be if the victim is doing an interview on live TV regarding street crime. Well, that’s what happened in Brazil.

A Rio De Janeiro woman was being interviewed, when a young man ran up and attempted to steal her gold necklace. The reporter asks the lady if she is worried by crime in the city, when they thief comes up and tries to yank her gold necklace.

The lady manages to keep hold of her necklace, whilst the reporter runs after the admittedly fleet footed perpetrator. The lady was thankfully completely unharmed after the incident, whilst the police later picked up the apparent robber.

You just couldn’t make it up!

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Martin Ward

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