Woman Gets Married To a Train Station

We see some crazy stuff here at Escort Ireland. There are people that get up to things in the bedroom that would make many people’s eyes water. However, once you are here, you learn not to judge. We are all different and as long as no-one is being hurt and it is all consensual, live and let live. Still, there are certain things which make even us think ‘WTF?’.

Woman in love with train station

Take this one for example. A woman in California has married a train station she has been in love with for 36 years, and even claims they have sex ‘mentally’.

Carol Santa Fe, 45, says she has been in love with Santa Fe train station in California since she was nine years old.

She goes to see the station, which she calls ‘Daidra’ every day, a journey which takes 54 minutes on the bus.

A Lovely Wedding

Although their marriage is not legally binding (a shock eh?) she described the 2015 wedding as the ‘happiest day of their lives’.

She describes herself as an objectum sexual, which is someone who is attracted to inanimate structures and objects.

It does appear Carol isn’t on her own, but she only discovered there were other people like her at the age of 40 when she Googled ‘I am in love with a building’.

Woman dragging train station
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Though there is most certainly a worldwide community, there is a big debate on whether it is a fetish, a sexuality, or just a mental condition.

Carol said: “I am married to the Santa Fe train station – her name is Daidra.

“We didn’t start a relationship until 2011 but I had been in love with the station since I was a young girl.

“When we got married, I stood there and I told her that I take it as my partner. It was the happiest day of our lives.

“I take a 45 minute bus ride every night to see the station.”

She added: “There is a private bit where two walls meet, I go there to touch her, which I do by leaning against her with my clothes on.

“When I’m touching her, I feel as though it actually holds me and kisses me.

“I don’t have physical sex with the station in public, I want to be respectful. I wouldn’t do that with a human in public so why would I do it in this case.

“I do have sex with Daidra in my mind when I stand there.

“I especially like when I hear the trains rev up their engines – it turns me on.”

She says she does talk to the train station, but is careful nobody else sees her do it. One suspects that she doesn’t want people to think she is mad.

It appears Carla was once in a relationship with a man for 18 months, but when that broke down, she felt a sense of freedom and happiness as she knew the train station wouldn’t leave her.

I think we are onto something here.

Carol added: “I love her so much, she is so romantic.

“We first consummated our love a few years ago when I felt the wall behind me, and I felt this energy.

“I came close to an orgasm and I was scared I’d get caught by the station staff.

“I don’t ever want the security guards to find out – I am a closeted objectum sexual.

“But I only hide my sexual attraction to the station because I simply don’t want people to find out and ban me from seeing her.

“It’s not at all because I am ashamed.

“Erica Eiffel got banned from the Eiffel Tower for kissing it and straddling it – so I don’t want to get banned like she did.

“I don’t like to publicly show anything between me and Daidra as I have more respect than that.”

One way not to not draw attention to yourself is not to do a huge interview, complete with pictures. Just throwing that one out there.

Strange But True

One question, as she states that the station is actually female, does that make her kind of lesbian? It is so confusing.

Well, as I always say, each to their own. I do wonder what their sex is like. I wonder if the train station goes like a train? (Oh come on, I had to get one terrible pun in)

I hate to think what would happen if they knocked it down to build a new one. Seriously, would she consider that murder? Whether we think she is normal or not, her feelings are real. That would be an awful day.

We will see if she gets banned from spending time there. I actually hope she doesn’t as she deserves a chance to be happy, even if her lifestyle choice is ‘bizarre’.

It takes all sorts doesn’t it?

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