What is Dogging and Why Do People Like it?

It is safe to say that in Ireland, dogging is becoming more and more popular. What once was seen as the realm of the seediest in society is now seeing an real upturn in interest. True it isn’t something that most people in society want to do, but it is certainly less niche than it once was. In fact it is seen as being in the same ballpark as swinging and seeing escorts these days.

Couple holding hands having sex inside a car with a steamy window

Bit what is dogging, why do people like it, and how can we do it safely? Well today we are going to have a look.

What is Dogging?

Dogging is an outdoor sexual activity where people congregate in a secluded area to either have sex or watch other have sex. This will usually take place at night so to keep away from prying eyes.

It is fair to say that most encounters involve watching a couple in their car. You will be given indicators as to whether they want to be touched whilst they have sex or not. It is of course hugely important to respect their boundaries.

For many people the open air, the fact that you have no idea who you are going to meet or what will happen makes this the most exciting of sexual encounters. They consider going to see escorts or swinging as almost sanitised.

How To Do it Safely

But how do you do it safely? Well first up you should always use a condom. You are meeting people you don’t know so that is a bit of a no brainier. Don’t trust other people to bring them, bring your own.

Dogging areas are sometimes a target of crime as criminals don’t think the victims will fancy going to the police to complain, and in doing so say they are doggers. It is therefore an idea not to take any valuables like your main mobile phone, jewellery, or cash. Take the bare minimum, including a burner ‘dogger’ phone. This means you can contact the police or anyone to help you, but won’t have your major smartphone in the hands of criminals who may try to blackmail you, or hack your banking information.

On your way home, it is a good idea to drop off somewhere for a while on the way back home so anyone who follows you back will get bored and not come to your house. It may sound silly but the best doggers do this.

Respecting Non-doggers

It is also important to clean up after yourself when you leave. I am talking about condoms and things like that. There is nothing worse than discovering a dogging spot you like, then finding police doing circuits of the area the next time you go, basically shutting it down. In reality the police don’t care about dogging, but if people are leaving condoms knocking around ruining nature areas which families use, then they will be forced to tale action. Therefore, as my mum used to say, leave the place like you found it. It is good manners for non-doggers, and beneficial for doggers also.

This practice may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there is no harm in those who are interested trying it out. And if you do like the idea of this, we hope this blog gives you a few ideas on how to do it in a safe and secure manner.

Happy dogging folks!

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