Three Techniques To Give Women Multiple Orgasms

It is the holy grail of sex for many men. The idea of giving women multiple orgasms is ingrained in most of our minds, as it can take you to the level of ‘sex god’ in the bedroom.

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Still, it isn’t always that easy to do. A lot of us will find this an unrealistic goal, or at least an unfulfilled one. This is why today we are going to take a look at three ways you can make this special kind of magic happen. Give this a read and you are likely to become extremely popular with the woman (or women) in your life.

1) Continue Doing What Works

If something has worked for the first orgasm, then it may continue to work. About 34 percent of women said that continuing with the same kind of stimulation felt best after their first orgasm.

The problem here is that many women are a bit too sensitive after orgasm number one, so continuing to stimulate her at the same pace may be painful. If this is the case for your partner, you may well need another trick.


2) Rebuild The Intensity

About 53 percent of women who had multiple orgasms said returning to earlier types of touching to “rebuild” before they came again was preferable.

This typically means that after she orgasms once, you then return to a slow touch and build back up to a faster touch, before you reach explosion time. If the clitoris is over-sensitive, move to other parts of the body, and then return when she is ready.


3) Change Things Up Completely

Some women—roughly 33 percent—like variety, it is said. She may have had an orgasm through a fast, intense motion previously, but second time around she may want a slower motion.

It isn’t necessarily the pace you need to change. You can maybe move from using your hand to using your mouth (or vice-versa). It is just about giving a different type of sensation and stimulation.


There is no ‘magic bullet’ when it comes to giving a multiple orgasm, but by working out which of these three techniques is best for your partner, then you have a real chance of making it happen.

What are you waiting for? Start making it work tonight!

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