Pornhub To Plant Trees For Every 100 ‘Big D’ Videos Watched!

I am all into conservation. I slip 20 euro’s to the WWF every month, and always recycle my rubbish. So I was happy to see Pornhub offering to plant a tree for every 100 videos watched for Arbor Day. However, it seems you have to watch real ‘wood’ videos to get that tree planted!

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‘Big Boy Genre’

That’s right folks, you have to watch the ‘big dick’ video genre. You just couldn’t make it up!

Arbor Day is celebrated in numerous countries throughout the world, albeit on different days. In the United States, all states have an official Arbor Day, but celebrate it at different times to coincide with the best time for planting trees. Pornhub started their campaign on April 25th.

On the sites official “Pornhub Gives America Wood” campaign page, the company promises to “…do what it does best and give America some serious wood…” The website adds, “”While you’re watching some nice pieces of ash, you’ll also be helping spruce America up! (Bushes are optional),”

Quality Marketing

You have to give Pornhub credit. Not only are they doing something good for the environment, but they are also getting some really good publicity!. It’s online marketing at it’s best!

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So if you are feeling horny today, do your bit for mother earth and visit Pornhub! And if the girls on there really get you going, why not take a trip to see one of the Dublin escorts?

Porn, conservation and Dublin escorts…could you really have a better Thursday?

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