Woman’s Lover Found Under Bed By Husband’s Family (Video)

A woman who was cheating on her husband was exposed after his family stormed into her home and found her lover hiding under the bed.

Woman looking at phone in bed

The woman, only known as Mayra, was apparently ambushed by her mother-in-law and her husband’s relatives whilst she was having some naughty fun with her boyfriend.

The viral video from Becerril, Colombia, shows a nervy Mayra as she lets her in-laws into the flat and asks them: “Why did you not you call me? And why do you want to come in now?”

Well, it seems she had a lot to be nervous about.

Sadly for Mayra, the family push past her and begin searching the home. It isn’t long until they find what they are looking for.

As she records the bizarre scene on her mobile phone, the mum-in-law marches from room to room asking: “Where do you have him?”

It is at this point that she goes to the bedroom. She then pushes the bed to one side and Mayra’s lover emerges from underneath.

The mum-in-law says: “Look at this – you are here.”

She continues: “Get out, let him get out.”

Fight Time

However, it doesn’t end there. As he tries to get out, the mother-in law begins to hit him. Whilst all that is going on, Mayra and her sister-in-law begin to fight.

As the couple are shunted out of the house, Mayra is told in no uncertain terms by the mother that the marriage to her son is well and truly finished.

The mum-in-law can be heard shouting: “My son does not deserve that. Now, you go with him. You should leave the house Mayra.”

Since it was uploaded onto social media, the video has been seen hundreds of thousand of times.

Well, I always say that seeing escorts is a lot safer than having a real affair. You don’t need to worry about the mother-in-law coming in to your house and humiliating you on a global scale. That for me is always a plus

Well, her loss is our gain. We certainly got a rather good chuckle out of this!

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