Happy St Patrick’s Day!

It is that day of the year again…it is March 17th, it is St Patrick’s Day. So let the party begin!

This is the day of the year that everyone considers themselves Irish, and the streets are awash with drunken men and women in green hats, all downing Guinness at a rate of knots that will have their livers screaming for mercy.

Every St Patrick’s Day I have been out on has been a good one, but when alcohol is involved, things can go wrong rather quickly.

Let’s face it, there will be many guys out there who will be wanting some escorting action tonight. Visitors to these pages will have a look at the Cork escorts, Dublin escorts, Belfast escorts, or escorts from any other place they will be making merry.

Drunk young man resting head on bar counter

Keeping it Sensible

Yet remember this; no escort wants to meet someone who is bladdered out of their face. In all probability, they will turn you away at the door, making your trip a complete waste of time.

If you do want to see any escorts today, make sure you don’t get too drunk, eat and get yourself freshened up before you arrive.

So let’s make sure St Patrick’s Day ends as well as it has begun, and let’s keep our respect for the escorts up.

Happy St Patrick’s Day folks!

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