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Deciding to spend some time with an escort for a date can seem like a big decision, but the biggest decision is actually choosing the right escort. With so many options here on Escort-Ireland you’re spoilt for choice, so finding the perfect escort to spend some time with can be a challenge.
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Everyone has different preferences and interests, which means there are many different things to consider when looking for an escort. What should you be thinking about when choosing an escort?


Pictures are one of the main features of escort profiles. They can show off the different looks and outfits they have, with some sexy dresses that could be perfect for a dinner date, or something a little more casual for a romantic stroll through town.

If you find yourself going back to a profile to look at the pictures, you know that escort has captured your attention. So what else do you need to consider to find the perfect escort for you?


On each of the escort profiles you can read a small introduction written by the escort. It tells you what type of clients they like to spend time with, as well with a little about their personality.

The introduction gives the escorts a chance to shine, stating if they are down-to-earth or bubbly and energetic. This helps you to understand what type of person they are and whether you are the person they are looking to spend some quality time with. It can also give you a good first impression of the escort.


The essential information gives you key pieces of information, such as the escort’s age, nationality, languages spoken, and measurements if you are looking to buy them a gift. If you have always wanted a date with an exotic beauty you can find them easily with this information.

The service information is key for those who travel a lot or with specialist requirements. If an escort is willing to travel and meet you for an outcall then this information will be there, along with if their incall location is disabled friendly.


Sometimes you might feel you have found the perfect escort, only to call and realise that they are not at a location near you. This is why the escorts list their location and tour dates on their profiles, so that even if they are not currently near you, you can easily see when they might be travelling your way so that you aren’t disappointed.


If an escort accepts feedback from their clients, you can read them through their profile. At the bottom you will see the option to read reviews. These reviews, written by clients just like you, allow you to read how positively others have rated their time with this escort. It helps you figure out if this escort is really the one for you.

Not only that, but you can also write your own review once the appointment has finished, giving you the chance to contribute to the escort’s profile and leave your own feedback for other clients.

The perfect partner

Finding the perfect partner can be challenging, but hopefully this guide will help to narrow down the choices you are faced with. What is your technique for choosing an escort? You can tell us all about it in the comments below, or even on the popular Escort Ireland forum.

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