Doctor Fired After Forcing Woman to Motorboard Her Breasts!

A female doctor in West Virginia is in major trouble after forcing a fellow doctor to ‘motorboard’ her breast, as well as breaching numerous other medical ethics and standards.

The report by the states board of medicine concluded Dr. Tressie Montene Duffy, 44, is unqualified to continue practicing medicine after issuing a 31 page report.

New Surgery

Other doctors claimed that Duffy had a boob job, after which she repeatedly showed off the new breasts to staff and patients at her clinic and reportedly rubbed them up against other staff. She even allegedly allowed drug salespeople to feel them, all this in front of staff and patients.

Tressie Duffy. A good looking older woman

One woman claims that Duffy pulled her head between her breasts and asked her to ‘motorboard’ them.

For anyone who doesn’t know, ‘motorboarding’ is, it is the process of putting your head between a pair of breasts, moving it back and forth and and making a ‘brrr’ sound!

According to the complaint, Duffy grabbed her by the back of her head and kissed her on the lips that same day. When the victim told Duffy to stop, the doctor allegedly said she was being a “titty baby.”

Duffy has allegedly been engaging in fraud, though we will spare you the rather more tedious details.

The board will meet on Nov. 17 for a three-day hearing to determine Duffy’s future. It will decide whether to accept, reject or modify the report’s findings. Duffy will obviously hope that the board allow her to continue to practice medicine.

My Idea of Heaven!

I have to say, I wouldn’t be complaining if some hot older woman with new fake boobs started pushing my head into her breasts, though if the good doctor has been up to this kind of stuff, then she is probably one of the most unprofessional people I have seen in a while.

That does remind me. I am meant to be seeing an escort this week. After writing this I think I may well meed a mature Dublin escort who has had a boob job. Thankfully Escort Ireland allow the escorts to say whether they have had breast enhancement or not.

We will keep you up to date on this case!

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