Police Leave Hilarious Sign at Closed Brothel

I have never had any problems with brothels. I grew up in Manchester, and we had loads of them. They were always located in business type areas and were extremely popular. I can’t remember one ever being in the middle of a residential area, as that would obviously have brought unwanted attention to the premises. That doesn’t mean they weren’t made obvious. I know one in Fallowfield which had a huge sign outside saying ‘Open 24 Hours’ (no free advertising here for them though). Still, there was at least a common sense approach taken.

Funny sign saying brothel is closed

This is why I was quite amused to hear this story. A sign reading ‘Brothel closed, no girls here’ has appeared on the door of a house which previously used by sex workers.

Not Very Subtle

Police started investigating the address in London after reports that naked women were loitering outside (subtle, eh?).

A slew of residents complaining of people “knocking loudly on their front door waking them at 2am asking how much it will cost them to have sex” were a factor in the investigation, officers said.

So lets get this straight. There was a brothel there in the middle of a housing area, the girls walked around naked, and people were turning up at 2am asking for business? Well, I am not going to act too surprised that people got pissed off and made a few complaints.

Before anyone asks, this is different to escorts working in residential areas. Escorts take bookings in advance, and that means everyone can be more discreet when it comes to visiting them. Hell, you won’t know where they are staying unless you make a booking. There certainly won’t be any pissed up guys waking everyone up looking to get laid.

A Common Sense Approach

We support the sex industry, but the sex industry has to help itself. A big neon sign saying ‘brothel, come here and piss the neighbours off’ will lead to that brothel being closed very quickly.

Still, for the police to put that message up was pretty hilarious. You can tell there was some comedian on duty that day.

It may piss the punters off, but we certainly had a right good chuckle!

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