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Stella McGregor is a well respected writer in the adult industry, and has gained a fine reputation during her time working for Escort Advertising. Since she has joined the company, her work has specialised in fun things such as sex tips, as well as serious stuff like sexual health and sex workers rights. She also likes to bring her readers amusing adult stories from around the globe. When she is not putting a smile on men and women's faces with her fantastic work, Stella is a sporty girl who is into running, yoga, and individual events. She also likes surfing the web to relax.

What is a Nasal Orgasm?

Nasal orgasms are very much linked with sneezing and sex. Have you ever thought about your face when you want to sneeze? I know, it is not the kind of expression which you will capture in photos, but you may also have an unintentional expression as you have when you are reaching an orgasm. Despite that face, who could imagine that sneezing brings pleasure for some people? In fact, there are studies which show that sneezing and orgasms are linked. Continue reading What is a Nasal Orgasm?

How To Promote Escort Services on Twitter

Many people use social networks every day. By these platforms, they check what is happening right now, they read about new trends, and also they meet and follow new people. Lots of brands talk about having profiles on social networks, as it is a way of letting people know them. If you are an escort, you need to do the same as companies. It may be an opportunity to date with more clients and boost your business. Twitter is one of best applications for this. Continue reading How To Promote Escort Services on Twitter

How To Organise And Prepare For an Escort Date

Sometimes, life could be easier than you think. We complicate it by believing we need to make great things to live outstanding experiences, and as everybody knows, this requires great efforts. Fortunately, meeting an escort is not this case. On our website you will find a lot of them, from everywhere, ready to have an amazing encounter with you, but maybe you have never met an escort, and you don’t know yet how to act on your first escort date. Continue reading How To Organise And Prepare For an Escort Date

Five Reasons Why Seeing an Escort is Better Than Casual Sex

Nowadays, to be single and to hook up with someone at the weekends is possible. Thankfully, the connectivity, contacts web pages and date applications have paved the way for not worrying about our next sexual partner. We just need a few clicks, and we can choose the person who also wants to spend the night with us. Continue reading Five Reasons Why Seeing an Escort is Better Than Casual Sex

How To Prepare For an MFF Threesome

Imagine a scene where two or more people are in a dark room having sex in the same bed. The atmosphere is heated, and you can see on their faces how the lust is empowering them. Is this familiar for you? Well, these kinds of sexual fantasies are one of the most extended in the collective imagination. As a result of this much has been written about the threesome. We know that this idea could arise in a long monogamous relationship, but also in the head of a single person who wants to have many different sex experiences. Continue reading How To Prepare For an MFF Threesome